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Appalachian Cultures and Environments minor

Learn about the Appalachian region as you study environmental, social, and political experiences from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Total Credit Hours: 18

Appalachian Studies Required Courses (6 Hours)

Electives (12 Hours)

What You'll Study

Gain an understanding of the places, cultures, histories, artistic expressions, ecologies, and politics of the Appalachian region historically and currently. You'll be introduced to questions of equity, cultural identity, region, race and ethnicity, and natural resource extraction through courses such as:

  • Appalachian Community Research
  • Music Traditions in Appalachia
  • Ecology of Appalachian Forests
  • Energy and Raw Materials: Geopolitics and Sustainable Development
  • Seeking Sustainability 
  • Concepts in Community Food Systems

This minor is part of the Pathways to General Education.

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Why minor in Appalachian Cultures and Environments?

The minor develops critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deeper understanding of the Appalachian region valuable in a wide variety of ­fields. As you examine socioeconomic and environmental condiditons of Appalachia, you'll discover the ways in which Appalachian places and issues are linked to global places and issues. You'll also participate in hands-on learning experiences that will enhance future employment opportunities.

Who studies Appalachian Cultures and Environments?

This minor serves all students wishing to enrich their knowledge of Appalachia and issues of equity and identity more generally. Students pursuing careers in engineering, agriculture, communication, education, environmental sciences, the arts, geography, health, law, public history, public policy, and social work will find the minor valuable. 

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