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Philosophy Politics and Economics Major

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Learn to address interdisciplinary decision-making problems that lie at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics. Explore markets, economic growth, social justice, and democracy.









Total Credit Hours: 120

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Major
Courses (45 Hours)

General Education Requirements (45 Hours)

Electives (30 Hours)

What You'll Study

  • 120 credit hours for a bachelor of arts degree, including Virginia Tech's pathways.
  • 24 credits of core courses, including:
    • Political Theory
    • Comparative Political Economy
    • Introduction to U.S. Government 
    • The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior
    • Public Finance 
    • Economic Justice
  • 21 credits of philosophy courses, including:
    • Knowledge and Reality
    • Modern Logic 
    • Morality and Justice
    • Philosophy of Mind

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What is a Degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics?

You will study some of the most important social, ethical, economic, and political problems that our contemporary societies face. Our program thinks about the wellbeing of individuals and societies in the 21st century. You will have the opportunity to take classes from many different disciplines and complete a research project. 

Why Study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics?

Our world faces problems that often cut across the boundaries of academic programs. Questions concerning market regulations, responsibilities of non-profit organizations, environmental sustainability, poverty, and global justice are all concepts that can only be considered through multiple perspectives. A major in philosophy, politics, and economics provides such analysis. You will develop comprehensive solutions that are economically sound, socially, ethically, and politically informed to solve complex problems. 

Beyond the Classroom

Undergraduate Research

You will develop an advanced research project that considers the interaction between philosophy, politics, and economics. You will work closely with a faculty mentor to plan a course of action, discuss your findings, and write a report on a topic that interests you.

You also have the opportunity to submit your original research to The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Review for publication. 




By working in the field, you'll earn job experience and apply your knowledge. You will have the opportunity to explore potential career paths and network with professionals. 



Get Involved 

You will have the opportunity to attend a speaker series that brings scholars and experts in the field to campus. Network with your peers and professionals as you integrate your classroom knowledge with real world challenges.





Our program offers an innovative research and learning environment that allows faculty and students to work collaboratively on problems of tomorrow’s world. There are 35 faculty members from different departments who are dedicated to working with you. Whether you are interested in philosophy, political science, economics, management, or marketing, you will find a faculty member to guide you. 



What Our Students Are Saying

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Careers and Further Study

What do I do with a philosophy, politics, and economics major?

Our program prepares students for a variety of careers as well as graduate and professional school.

Our graduates pursue careers in:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Investment banking
  • Finance
  • Business administration
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Government
  • Public administration
  • Public policy
  • Healthcare
  • International affairs
  • International development
  • Non-profit organizations