Release Date 2019-12-09
Publisher Telos Press Publishing
EAN/ISBN 978-0914386759
Author Timothy Luke
Summary From the late 1970s, Timothy W. Luke has developed critical analyses of significant social, political, and cultural conflicts, with a particular focus on the entangled politics of culture, economy, and nature. Luke's "ecocritiques," many of which first appeared in the pages of Telos, advance a critical theory of the contemporary that takes aim at our ongoing ecological crisis, a period marked by rapid climate change, extensive biodiversity loss, and deep ecospheric damage. The essays collected here range across diverse topics, from the politics of the Anthropocene, Paolo Soleri's urban design experiments, the Unabomber manifesto, the Trump administration's attacks on environmental protections, and the informationalization of ecological change, to community agriculture projects, deep ecology, the symbolic politics of climate change treaties, Edward Abbey's ecological writings, and the biopolitics of accelerationism and the Dark Enlightenment. Taken together, this collection documents crucial moments in Luke's project of ecocritique as well as the commitment of Telos to environmental criticism, political theory, and policy analysis.