Release Date 2014-11-01
Publisher Tupelo Press
EAN/ISBN 978-1936797509
Author(s) Thomas Gardner
Summary “That rush in between when it all comes undone. Knowing its edge like your own pulse and breathing. As I knew them this morning, racing a 10K in late-spring heat, the taste of panic in the last two miles as everything slipped away, losing time and barely finishing. A tingling in my limbs as if I were driving on ice, the road beneath me suddenly gone, the feeling of that in my hands. Deeper than words, being lost for a moment and then being done. Left with a pounding, stiff-legged stagger.” Spiritual improvisations, radiant acts of attention: echoing Thoreau’s Walden, the meditations of Guy Davenport, and Kenny Moore’s groundbreaking articles for Sports Illustrated, Thomas Gardner strides through inner and outer landscapes. Freed by disciplined effort, the runner’s mind here roams and mourns and remembers.