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Health, Community Well-Being, and Social Welfare


This specialization area examines the links between people, communities, public policy, and the welfare state, and how these are both shaped by inequalities and lead to divergent life outcomes. Special attention is paid to the social determinants of and disparities in physical and mental health; the provision of care and resources; families; education and school communities; and issues of social justice and community resilience.

Relevant Electives:
SOC 2034 – Diversity and Community Engagement
SOC 3714 – Sociology of Aging
SOC 4414 – Drugs and Society
SOC 4444 – Schools, Violence, and Justice
SOC 4704 – Medical Sociology
SOC 4714 – Sociology of Mental Illness

Potential Careers:
Social Worker
Case Manager
Crisis Worker
Rehabilitation Counselor
Mental Health Counselor
Medical Researcher
Patient Care Advocate
Administrative Medical Assistant
Health Information Technician
Healthcare Manager / Coordinator