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International Dementia Care: European Tour
Questions? Email Joanna Culligan.

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VT in Rome and Riva - Summer 2021 Session 1
Questions? Email Trudy Becker.

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India and
Social Justice
Email Bonnie Zare.

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The Making of
Email Glenn Bugh.

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European Affairs in a
Global Context

Questions? Email Scott Nelson.

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Questions? Email Jane Wemhoener.

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VT in Latvia: Learn Russian
in the European Union
Email Bob Efird.

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VT Arabic Oman
Email Ragheda Nassereddine.

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European Perspectives on Integrated Security
Questions? Email Scott Nelson, Aaron Brantly, or Yannis Stivachtis.

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Informal Learning in Northern England
Email David Hicks or Todd Ogle

  • Complete a medieval pilgrimage with people from around the world 
  • Hike Spain with other Hokies 
  • Learn about Spain by walking across it

Question? Email Annie Hesp.

  • Hike the Alps, Bike to Vienna; Open to all majors; no German required 
  • 3 weeks of culture, travel, and adventure in Germany and Austria 
  • Summer I, 2021: 18 May-7 June 2021 
  • 3 credits of GER 2724: Intro to German Culture and Civ (Pathways/CLE II course; taught in English)

Questions? Email Mike Layne

  • Includes guided tours of Paris, excursions, and intensive language and culture study at the world-renowned Alliance Française, situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the city, within walking distance of Montparnasse, the famous Luxembourg Gardens, and the Latin Quarter 
  • Courses will be held in the morning, leaving the afternoons free for discovering Paris and the surrounding region 
  • Your classroom extends into Paris and beyond (excursions are subject to change): Giverny, Chartres, Chambord

Questions? Email Alex Dicklow.

  • Study the Japanese language at the Kyoto Language School and experience the essence of Japanese culture, art, tradition and lifestyle in the ancient capital of Kyoto ·  Features homestays with Japanese families in Kyoto City  
  • Visit Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, castles, imperial palaces and villas, theaters, festivals, and museums 
  • Attend various Japanese culture classes taught by experts and professors in various specializations 
  • Opportunities for travel to Tokyo, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima 
  • Culture exchange at Okayama University and travel to Tokushima, Naoshima, etc. with Okayama University students

Questions? Email Yasuko Kumazawa.

London, England; Paris, France; Rome and Florence, Italy

Summer Session

  • Earn 3 academic credits in Fashion Merchandising and Design while traveling London, Paris and Rome for 2-weeks. 
  • Visit fashion houses and design studios, world-renowned retailers and trendy boutiques, textile producers, accessory designers, etc. 
  • Explore museums related to clothing and dress artifacts including the Louvre, V & A Museum, Uffizi Museum. 
  • Meet with Londoners, Parisians, and Italians (and engage with those from many other cultural backgrounds) in their place of work, also gaining exposure to different workplace and industry cultures.  
  • Develop intercultural and global awareness as well as interpersonal skills.

Questions? Email Jung Eun Lee.

Livingstone, Zambia Summer

Session I

  • Earn 3 academic credits and gain hands-on experience working as a teacher’s aide in a primary or secondary school, or college in Zambia. 
  • The program gives participants an opportunity to expand personal growth through working with Zambian students and teachers, immersion into the local socio-cultural environment to learn the context, trends and issues affecting education and skills development, and a service project benefiting the local community.   
  • Broaden and deepen knowledge of diverse and multicultural competencies through immersion and active participation in academic and social-cultural environments in an African setting.  
  • Visit Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Livingstone Museum, Chobe National Park, Botswana; Participate in the sunset cruise on the Zambezi River and see the Mukuni Big Five on safari in addition to visiting Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Livingstone Museum, and Chobe National Park in Botswana. 
  • Experience Mukuni Village - village housing, typical village living, village entrepreneurial enterprises, village recreational activities, village governmental structure and village primary and secondary schools.

Questions? Email Bill Price or Joseph Mukuni.

Vauquois, France, and Ypres, Belgium

Summer Session I

  • Earn 3 academic credits through 2-weeks of Intensive fieldwork designed to create informal learning experiences through the use of cutting-edge technology for the documentation and reconstruction of historic and cultural heritage sites and artifacts in northeastern France and western Belgium, along the course of the former Western Front of the First World War. 
  • Apply technology to historical and cultural heritage site digital presentation through experiential learning and the hands-on use of techniques such as laser-scanning, photogrammetry, structured-light capture, and 360-degree video, combined with historical inquiry, learning theory, archaeology and material culture curation. 
  • Gain a practical understanding of the tools and techniques for creating learning experiences and exhibits that represent the past via immersive experiences such as virtual and augmented reality.  
  • Visit active archaeology sites, Meuse-Argonne Battlefield, Ypres Cloth Hall Museum, the Hill of Vauquois, Fort De Douaumont, Trench of the Bayonet and many other sites.

Questions? Email Todd Ogle or David Hicks.

Visakhapatnam and Rajahmundry, India
Summer Session II

  • This program is based in Visakhapatnam (also known as Vizag), the largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh and located on the Bay of Bengal coast, roughly halfway between Chennai and Kolkata. A smaller city by Indian standards (about 2 million people) and generally off the tourist beaten path, Vizag offers an opportunity for students to live in and learn about India in an in-depth and casual manner.
  • Students will explore and study cultural, historical, and religious sites located in the vicinity of Vizag, and have opportunities for undergraduate research, independent study, and/or community/service learning.
  • Visits important cultural, historical, and religious sites in the region and examine the religions of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. 
  • Earn 3 academic credits for Religion and Culture in India that can count toward CLE 2 or the Pathways Humanities requirement. Add the option of an additional 3 credits for completing an independent study or undergraduate research project, guided by Dr. Schmitthenner or another VT faculty (remotely).

Questions? Email Dr. Peter Schmitthenner. 

Wondering about Exchange Programs? 

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