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Degree Options

Choose from our three options of study, literature, pre-education, and pre-law. You will focus on a track that will take you more deeply into literary studies or into the specific preparations that you will need for careers in education or law.

Literature Option

This option allows you to immerse yourself in the various periods, genres, themes, major figures, and practices of literature. Complete your degree with a rich understanding of the depth of literary works and the English language. You'll be comfortable analyzing information and presenting your analysis persuasively and insightfully. The skills you’ll acquire in this track are easily transferable to any number of different careers. You will be prepared to do graduate work in English.

Pre-Education Option

Complete your degree and the content areas required by our state licensing board, including literature written by minorities and women, linguistics, and sociolinguistics. You will have the opportunity to intern with local schools and earn experience in the classroom; learn about an environment that enables students to develop in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Pursuing this option will prepare you for a graduate degree in English education and complete teacher certification. 

Pre-Law Option

The pre-law option prepares you for the demands you will face as a student and practitioner in the field of law. Our major provides you with superb reading and analytical skills. You’ll be equipped to tackle the challenges of presenting ideas in both oral and written form, an essential part of law school and a legal career.