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Virginia Tech's Corps of Cadets is a leadership development program whose mission is to graduate leaders of exemplary character and equip them with the values and skills essential for success. With prestigious alumni that include seven Medal of Honor winners and over 100 graduates promoted to General and Flag Officer rank, we also foster leadership that can be applied successfully in business, industry, and public service.

The Corps upholds the university values of Duty, Brotherhood, Service, Honor, Sacrifice, Loyalty, Leadership, and Ut Prosim. Being part of this great tradition will lay a foundation for a fulfilling and productive college career, friendships that will last a lifetime, and future leadership opportunities.

Army ROTC offers special courses for students at every level, preparing you to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant through a curriculum which develops leadership and management skills, and provides opportunities to utilize these skills in a variety of practical applications.

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From platoon leaders to cadre positions to regimental posts, being part of Army ROTC at Virginia Tech affords students a number of opportunities to grow as a leader and develop valuable skills for future military and civilian success.

Students who meet the requirements set forth in their contracts will commission upon graduation as second lieutenants in the United States Army. The length of your service commitment will depend upon whether or not you accepted a scholarship from Army ROTC, your career choice, and other factors. Cadets on scholarship are required to make an eight-year service commitment, serving for four years on active duty and four years in Inactive Ready Reserves (IRR). Non-scholarshipped cadets may serve three years on active duty and five years in IRR.


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