There's something for everyone in Army ROTC. Whether you are interested in being a Ranger, going to Airborne School, studying a foreign language abroad, or honing your tactical skills, our organizations, regular military training, and competitions will keep you in the know and on top of your game.

Cadet Lindsey Hobbs, '16, Army

I attended Project GO in Narva, Estonia for eight weeks to study Russian. While there, I met U.S. Ambassador Jeff Levine and learned about how he was handling the rising tensions between Russia and the United States. As a future officer, I found it helpful to witness how the ambassador handled the presence of American soldiers in Estonia and promoted the U.S. through the soldiers' interactions with the people. My experience in Estonia was very beneficial to my study of the Russian language, my understanding of international relationships, and my own personal development.


"Although I left home just hoping to earn my wings [at Army Airborne School], I received the distinction of cadet honor graduate for my class and gained some real experience in leadership development."

- Cadet Samuel Meaux, '17, Army ROTC

"I'm from a small town in Nebraska, and I never thought I'd have many options for college. The Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech gave me a sense of home away from home, and it made a huge university seem like family. Through the Crops and Army ROTC, I was able to travel to seven different states, study a major that I absolutely loved (Natural Resources Conservation), and take advantage of many other opportunities."

- Cody Wendelin, '14, Army ROTC
Summer Training

U.S. Army Airborne School;

U.S. Army Air Assault School;

U.S. Army Mountain Warfare School;

Cadet Command Leadership Training Course;

JFK Special Warfare Internship Program;

Foreign Officer Exchange: United Kingdom University Officer Training Corps; and;

Army Science Board Internship Program.

Field Training Exercises

Tactical training is conducted each semester at Radford Arsenal and Ammunition Plant or in nearby wilderness areas. Some of the skills acquired include:

  • Land navigation
  • Field Leaders Reaction Course
  • Small Unit Tactics
  • Troop Leading Procedures and Training Management

Basic Rifle Marksmanship

Each fall, cadets have the opportunity to go to the range and qualify with M16-A2 rifles, learning safety procedures, correct firing techniques, and more.

The Obstacle Course

The special domain of the Ranger Company, all cadets have a chance to try the challenging obstacle course at some point during their time at Virginia Tech. The O-Course will test your physical abilities to the limit as you race against the clock to overcome each challenge.

Ranger Company

Each spring, sophomore, junior, and senior cadets have the opportunity to tap Ranger Company, an elite group of cadets sponsored by Army ROTC with special opportunities and privileges.

Ranger Challenge

If a cadet successfully completes the Ranger Company tap process, he or she may also try out to compete on a Ranger Challenge team. Known as the Army ROTC Varsity sport, Ranger Challenge athletes will be pushed to the limits of their physical and mental strength for an opportunity claim the top prize while competing against the very best from other ROTC programs around the country.