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If you are thinking about joining VTCC's Army ROTC, this page will help you find links to opportunities to preview life in the Corps, find Army height, weight, and fitness standards, enroll in the courses you will be taking as a first-year cadet, and much more. We hope you join us!


The Reserve Officer Training Corps is a college elective that develops Leadership Skills in our students as they prepare for Military Service.  

Army ROTC offers a commission as a second lieutenant in either the active Army or Reserve Forces in a variety of career fields including Combat Arms (Aviation, Armor, Artillery, Infantry, or Engineers), Combat Support, and Combat Service Support branches. There are two-, three-, and four-year scholarship programs available. Some cadets choose to join the National Guard or the Army Reserve while in Army ROTC, thus qualifying them for the Montgomery GI Bill benefits, in-state tuition (VANG) and other exciting benefits. For more general information about Army ROTC please visit 

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Freshmen >

To join ROTC, all you need to do is enroll in MS1005 (Fall semester) or MS1006 (Spring semester). You must be a member of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets to participate in any ROTC classes. The freshman level (MSI) military science courses are worth 2 credit hours. The only requirement is that students attend class and leadership lab. All other participation is optional and designed to let new cadets experience ROTC at their own pace. Uniforms and equipment will be provided to all cadets who wish to fully participate.

Also see our Courses page for details of each Military Science course.

Sophomores >

Sophomores who did not take ROTC their freshman or sophomore year will have to attend Basic Camp at Fort Knox, KY. This camp takes the place of the first two years of ROTC and is designed for students who make a later decision to join ROTC. Upon completion of the camp, sophomores can then return to campus for their junior year and begin ROTC as an MSIII (junior). Students must have at least 54 credit hours completed to attend Basic Camp. The opportunity to win a two-year scholarship at Basic Camp is also quite good.

Juniors >

There are three ways to enter ROTC at the junior level (MSIII). Completing the MSI and MSII years, completing Basic Camp, or through prior military experience are all viable possibilities. Soldiers who have completed Basic Training and AIT are eligible to skip the first two years and enter the program as an MSIII with permission of the Professor of Military Science. Prior coordination and an interview is required. It is at this point that all cadets must sign a contract to continue on. The contract process is not short, therefore early contact with the department is necessary to ensure that contracting can take place on the first day of school in the Fall. Once contracted, all cadets begin receiving a monthly stipend.

Seniors >

You may think it is too late for you to join, but it isn't! Seniors can attend the Leader's Training Course, earn credit for the first two years of ROTC, then return to campus and begin work on a Master's degree while completing the final two years of ROTC (MSIII and MSIV years).

Rangers >

Want to be an Army Ranger? Virginia Tech is one of the only Army ROTC Battalions that has a cadet Ranger Company. Members have had great success attaining their desired positions.

Project GO for Freshmen>

Want to spend a summer abroad paid for by the DoD? the VT-RU New River Battalion is now part of Project GO, which means our freshmen are eligible to compete for selective DoD critical language programs.


  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be less than 30 on June 30th of the year of commissioning
  • Be medically qualified
  • Be capable of passing the Army Physical Fitness Test
  • No prior civil convictions (or have a waiver for past arrests)
  • Be a full-time student with a GPA above 2.0
  • Have no more than 3 dependents
  • Be of sound moral and ethical character
  • Be willing to accept a commission as an Army officer



Both Army ROTC and Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets offer outstanding scholarship opportunities. An Army scholarship can cover up to full tuition and fees, uniforms, books, and an additional monthly allowance.

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ROTC Standards

As an Army cadet, you are required to meet and maintain specific fitness standards. Cadets have physical fitness tests quarterly to ensure they are meeting their scholarship and/or enrollment conditions.

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Mandatory Classes

As a member of Army ROTC you are also a member of the VT Corps of Cadets and, therefore, must enroll in several mandatory classes, including MS 1005 in fall semester for freshmen and MS 1006 in the spring.

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Training Opportunities

Summer training opportunities are available to all qualified Cadets, allowing them to broaden their knowledge, proficiency, and experience. 

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There are four ways for you to get a taste of the Corps when you visit VT:

  • Attend a Corps Brief during an Admissions Open House or Hokie Preview;
  • Attend a 10am Corps Information session (M-F);
  • Register for a Spend the Day session; or
  • Register to Spend the Night with a current cadet who will host you overnight and whom you can shadow through his or her daily routine.

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