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Food Studies Pathways Minor

With the support of an NEH Humanities Connections grant and a Pathways Annual Grant, the program is in the process of developing an undergraduate food studies minor, open to students from across Virginia Tech. The minor will include a new Introduction to Food studies course; electives from across the humanities, social sciences, and applied sciences; hands-on learning courses; and a capstone course that can be fulfilled by study abroad, internship, thesis, or other experiential learning. If you have courses you'd like to add to or develop for the minor, please email Program Director Anna Zeide, We have supported the design of 12 new Food Studies courses from humanities and social science perspectives that will be part of the minor.

Learning from Experience: Food Studies Programs Project

As we build our program, we seek knowledge about best practices that are rooted in others’ experiences. So we're launching a project to interview and learn from Food Studies administrators from around the country and throughout the world. The Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS) keeps a list of many such programs. We plan to make these materials available to other burgeoning food studies programs. With the support of an NEH Humanities Connections grant, we have so far learned from food studies administrators at Chatham University, the University of Southern Maine, Boston University, and Sterling College.

The Food Timeline

The Food Studies program, in collaboration with the Virginia Tech Special Collections and University Archives, has acquired The Food Timeline. This website and accompanying physical library is the most comprehensive inventory of historical food knowledge online. Since the death of its founder, Lynne Olver, her family had been looking for a new steward. See the Eater article about the initial search for a new home and the follow-up article about VT's acquisition. Virginia Tech is proud to carry on Olver’s legacy and create space for new research and student internship opportunities through this powerful resource.  

Student Internships

Providing the opportunity for hands-on learning is a core part of the Food Studies student experience. We are in the process of developing internship opportunities across a range of sites, including VT Dining Services, libraries, local farms, local restaurants, and programs that promote food security. Our inaugural Student Intern in Fall 2021 will work with Special Collections and University Archives on The Food Timeline and the broader Food & Drink History Collections.

Weekly Newsletters

Each Monday during the semester, we will send out to our listserv (Join Here) a Weekly Newsletter with events, calls for papers, recommended reading, and other resources. Please send items for submission to Access past issues of our newsletter: Fall 2020 | Spring 2021