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Global education is a valuable component of the Food Studies program, as students and faculty experience the ways that food links cultures, economies, and environments around the world. Join us to learn more!

Departmental Contact: Dr. Anna Zeide, Director of Food Studies,

Partner Program:

Umbra Institute

Perugia, Italy

Perugia, Italy

Food, Sustainability, & the Environment

The program in Food, Sustainability, & the Environment (FSE) at Umbra invites students to participate in the study of food systems, sustainability and the environment. Whether enrolling in semester or summer courses, interning in a winery or Umbra’s campus garden, or discovering the complexities of Italian food culture and environmental policy, FSE students develop a deeper understanding of global food systems, sustainability, and the environment. This program is an approved partner program through the VT Office of Global Education. Learn more on their site here

Course Equivalencies

Umbra Course
Confirmed VT Equivalent
FSST 250: The Science of Italian Food FST 2XX4
FSST 275: Art in and for a New World: Sustainability, Consciousness, and Ethics ARCH 2214: Architecture + Food
FSST 350: The History and Culture of Food in Italy (or summer version 349) HIST 2514: US Food History 
FSST 351: Food, Community, and The Mediterranean Diet in Italy SPES 2244: World Crops: Food and Culture
FSST 355: Digital Marketing: Wine and Wineries of Central Italy (or summer version) GEOG 4054: Geography of Wine
FSST 358: Writing Italian Food (Summer) ENGL 2014: Food Writing
FSST 375: Anthropology of Food and Eating: Understanding Self and Others (or summer version) SOC 2744: Black Food in the US: Race, Racism, and Food Studies


VT Steger Center

Riva San Vitale, Switzerland

Virginia Tech's Steger Center for International Scholarship in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland has strengths in food studies through the work of its Executive Director, Sara Steinert Borella. In addition to a nutrition and food science program in the works, other food studies opportunities are in development.

Perugia, Italy

University of Barcelona

 Barcelona, Spain

The University of Barcelona's Food Studies & Gastronomy program is another example of food studies programs abroad that may intersect well with VT curriculm.  Some core courses include: Food Systems & Sustainability, Mediterranean Nutrition & Gastronomy, Marketing & Entrepreneurship in Food, Public Food Markets & the City, Food Through the Ages, Food & Migration, and Food & Communication. Further collaboration is in progress.

Perugia, Italy