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PROS: Performances to Reduce Online Scams

 About PROS

The goal of the "Performances to Reduce Online Scams (PROS)" project is to collect data directly from older adults and offer them targeted assistance in the form of an interactive theater play in order to prevent online scams. 

Led by Dr. Katalin Parti, an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at Virginia Tech (Dr. Parti was awarded the European Safety and Prevention Award for translating academic research results into practice in order to tackle cyberbullying in K-12 schools), team-members include Dr. Pamela B. Teaster, a professor and the director of the Center for Gerontology at Virginia Tech, Susanna Rinehart, an associate professor of performance at the School of Performing Arts at Virginia Tech, and Charles Dye an assistant professor of Cinema Production in VT's School of Performing Arts. 

Important Dates

Shows are scheduled for Fall 2022. Stay tuned!


Dr. Katalin Parti | Virginia Tech
Dr. Katalin Parti (PI)
Faika Tahir | Virginia Tech
Faika Tahir (Grad Student)
Samridhi Roshan | Virginia Tech
Samridhi Roshan (Student)
Dr. Pamela Teaster | Virginia Tech
Dr. Pamela Teaster (Co-PI)
Victoria Bechtold | Virginia Tech
Victoria Bechtold (Student)
Susanna Rinehart | Virginia Tech
Susanna Rinehart (Member)
Allisen Haynes | Virginia Tech
Allisen Haynes (Student)
Charles Dye | Virginia Tech
Charles Dye (Member)
Zoe McCray | Virginia Tech
Zoe McCray (Student)

Student members: Patrick McElligott, Elizabeth Harrell, Amanda Ljuba, Anushree Sengupta, and Berkeley Oglesby



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Dr. Katalin Parti (PI):