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Conference Presentations

American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy

Grandfamilies: Parenting Satisfaction and Family Functioning 
Dolbin-MacNab, M., Sandord, N., Rodgers, B., Steward, S., Finney, J., Roberto, K. A., 2006


American Public Health Association

Perceptions of Elder Mistreatment in a Rural Kentucky County and Comparisons with a Rural County in Viriginia
Mendiondo, M.S., Teaster, P.B., Roberto, K.A., 2010


American Psychological Association

Spouses Adjusting to Mild Cognitive Impairment: Implications for Couple Interventions
Roberto, K. A., Blieszner, R., Pasymowski, S., 2016

Personal and Social Resources and Well Being Among Informal Care Recipients
Blieszner, R., Roberto, K. A., 2004

Well-being and Coping Strategies of Elders Without Informal Support
Blieszner, R., Roberto, K. A., 2001


Assocation for Gerontology on Higher Education

Broken Trust: Elders, Families, and Finances 
Teaster, P.B., Roberto, K.A., Migliaccio, J., Blancato, R., Lawrence, S., McCann, B.R., 2010

Exploring the Meanings of Sexuality: What Young Adults Learn from Mature Women
Roberto, K. A., Allen, K., 2009

Teaching and Learning Strategies: The Undergraduate Perspective
Brossoie, N., 2005

Spending Behaviors of Older Women Living in an Assisted Living Facility
McClung, Mary E., 2002


Center for Medicare and Medicaid

Elderly & Disabled Waiver Services: What Do We Know About Providers?
Glass, A., Roberto, K. A., Teaster, P., Brossoie, N., 2003


Gerontological Society of America

Caregiving Stress, Coping Strategies, and Health Outcomes: Results from the REACH II Study
Butner-Kozimor, L. M., 2015

Extending Terror Management Theory to Increase Understanding of Older Adults' Views of Death
Ogletree, A.M., Blieszner, R., 2015

Change in Reports of Unmet Need for Help with ADL or Mobility Disabilities
Sands, L.P., Yuan, M., Xie, Y., Hong, Y., 2015

Visions for Tomorrow: Designing Intentional Communities for Rural Southwest Virginia
Brossoie, N., 2014

Spiraling Effects of Mild Cognitive Impairment on Spousal Interactions
Butner, L. M., Savla, J., Roberto, K.A., Blieszner, R., 2014

Neighborhood Walkability Assessement for Seniors: Using Geographic Information Systems
Gao, N., Wei, R., Hwang, E., 2014

Intergenerational Exchange and Mediators Impact Ambivalence about Future Older Selves
Jarrott, S.E., Savla, J., 2014 

An Exploration of Older men's Acceptance of Age Inequality
King, N., Pietilä, I., Calasanti, T., Ojala, H., 2014

The Need and Provision of Health and Community Services for Older Adults in Montgomery County, Virginia
Liu, Y., Hwang, E., 2014

"All the World's a Stage"-Bridging the Gernerational Gap through Theatre
Norouzi, N., Arch, M., Lyon-Hill, S., 2014

A Validation of the Life Satisfaction Scale in a Population of ADS Participants
Ogletree, A.M., Jarrott, S.E., 2014

Home and Community-Based Service Use by Vulnerable Older Adults
Weaver, R.H., Roberto, K.A., 2014

Menopausal Status, Climacteric Symptoms, and Family Related Variables in Korean Female Baby Boomers
Kim, E., Lee, K., 2013

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: Reader Reactions to Online News Stories about IPV in Late Life
Brossoie, N., Roberto, K.A., 2011

Nursing Home Diversion Programs: Challenges, Successes, and Next Steps
Brossoie, N., Roberto, K.A., 2011

Taking Care of a Parent with Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Exploration of Coping Mechanisms
Ermann, L.S., Brossoie, N., Roberto, K.A., Blieszner, R., 2011

Financial Abuse in the Headlines: Prevalence of National Newsfeeds
Roberto, K.A., Teaster, P.B., Migliaccio, J., Blancato, R., Lawrence, S., 2010

Grandchildren as Caregivers for Their Custodial Grandmothers: Who Are They and How Are They Doing?
Dolbin-MacNab, M. L., Roberto, K.A., 2010

Mild Cognitive Impairment as a Source of Ambivalence in Family Relationships
Blieszner, R., Roberto, K.A., Savla, J., 2010

Survivors of Hurricane Katrina: Losses, Hopes & Dreams of Displaced Older Adults
Henderson, T.L., Roberto, K.A., Kamo, Y., Washington, C., Penugonda, K., 2010

Three Voices are Better than One: Family Members Assessment of Cognitive Deficits in Late Life
Roberto, K.A., Blieszner, R., Savla, J., 2010

Nobody Likes to Admit What's Going On: Avoidance Behaviors of Families Coping with MCI 
Brossoie, N., Roberto, K. A., Blieszner, R., 2009

Intimate Partner Violence Among Older Adults: Bridging the Disciplinary Divide
McPherson, M.C., Brossoie, N., Roberto, K.A., Pulsifer, M.B., Brown, P.N., 2009

Safety vs. Autonomy: The Struggles of Adult Children Assisting Parents with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Pujari, K., Blieszner, R., Roberto, K.A., 2009

Caring for a Spouse with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): Influences on Well-Being and Family Dynamics
Pujari, K., Roberto, K. A., Blieszner, R., Brossoie, N., 2008

Life with Chronic Pain: Older Women's Experiences and Care Strategies
Ermann, L., Roberto, K. A., Savla, J., 2008

Family Perceptions of Mild Cognitive Impairment
Roberto, K. A., Blieszner, R., 2007

Patient Views of Mild Cognitive Impairment
Blieszner, R., Roberto, K. A., 2007

Health, Spirituality & Environmental Concern: Older Women's Perspectives on the Natural Environment
Husser, E., Gigliotti, C., Roberto, K. A., 2007

Surviving Hurricane Katrina: Resilience and Resources of Aging Families 
Roberto, K. A., Henderson, T., Kamo, Y., 2006

“It Was Like An Elephant Sitting on My Chest”: Older Women's Experiences With Coronary Heart Disease 
Husser, E., Roberto, K. A., 2006

Pain in Late Life: Current Topics and Challenges
Holland, A., Roberto, K. A., Perkins, S., 2006

The Influence of Mild Cognitive Impairment on Marital Relationships
Winston, B., Roberto, K. A., Blieszner, R., Wilcox, K., 2005

Assuring Quality Care: Exploring Strategies of Medicaid E & D Waiver Providers
Brossoie, N., Roberto, K. A., Teaster, P., Glass, A., 2004

Caregivers of Persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Information and Support Needs
Wilcox, K., Roberto, K. A., Blieszner, R., Winston, B., 2004

Rural Older Women's Experiences with Chronic Health Problems: Daily Challenges and Care Practices
Roberto, K. A., Gigliotti, C., Husser, E., Kemp, A., 2004

Community Connections and a Sense of Community Among Older Adults
Brossoie, N., Mancini, J., Roberto, K. A., Blieszner, R., 2003

Leavers and Stayers: An Ecological Analysis of Determinants of Employee Retention in Long-Term Care
Roberto, K. A., Mancini, J., 2003

Predicting Community Connections in the Workplace
Mancini, J., Roberto, K. A., 2003

Rural Older Adults' Previous Help and Support Experiences: Influences on Attitudes about Current and Future Assistance
Blieszner, R., Roberto, K. A., Love-Norris, D., Rogers, S., Fruhauf, C., 2003

A Life Course View of Older Women's Health Behaviors
Kretzer, S., Roberto, K. A., 2001

Geriatric Chronic Pain in Later Life: Issues and Challenges from the Research Literature
Gold, D., Roberto, K A., 2001


International Association for Relationship Research

Influences on Psychological Well-being for Elders Receiving Family Assistance
Blieszner, R., Roberto, K. A., 2004

What About Elders Who Have No Informal or Formal Support?
Blieszner, R., Roberto, K. A., 2001


National Council on Family Relations

Innovative Care-partnering in Families Affected by Mild Cognitive Impairment
Blieszner, R., Roberto, K.A., 2010


Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society

Daily Stressors and Marital Interactions Affect Diurnal Cortisol and Alpha-Amylase Rhythm in Spouses of Persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Savla, J., Roberto, K.A., Blieszner, R., 2011


Southern Gerontological Society

Adult Day Services Participation and Client Depressive Symptoms: A Longitudinal Analysis
Bivens, R., Norouzi, N., Jarrott, S., 2013

Understanding Adult Foster Care State by State: Provider Experience in North Carolina
Munly, K., 2013

Promoting a Longer Life Expectancy with a Better Quality of Life: Baby Boomers and Chronic Diseases
Valenzuela, I., 2013

Understanding Falls in Late Life: A Review of the Empirical Literature
Weaver, R., Roberto, K.,A., Brossoie, N., 2013

Reducing Intimate Partner Violence among Older Women: Response Readiness in a Rural Faith-Based Community
Brossoie, N., Roberto, K.A., 2010


Virginia Summit on Science, Engineering, and Medicine

Evidence that Community-Based Long-Term Care is Preventive Care
Sands, L.P., 2014