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War and Society Minor

Gain an interdisciplinary background in the history, culture, and contemporary politics of a critically important region of the world.

Credit Hours for Minor: 18

History Requirements (9 Hours)

Interdisciplinary Electives (9 Hours)


What You'll Study

To earn a minor in war and society, you will complete a minimum of 18 semester hours and achieve a minimum 2.0 GPA in all courses taken. The approved list of electives includes 6 courses in history, political science, international studies, sociology or naval science. Some of the courses are listed below.

  • HIST 3014 The American Revolution
  • HIST 3054 The American Civil War
  • HIST 3254 The Vietnam War
  • HIST 3284 The Roman Revolution
  • HIST 3304 The World of Alexander the Great
  • HIST 3314 The Later Roman Empire
  • HIST 3364 The Age of Revolution and Napoleon
  • HIST 3484 Twentieth-Century Germany
  • HIST/JUD/RLCL 3494 The Holocaust
  • HIST/RLCL 3504 The Age of Crusades
  • HIST 3524 European Military History to 1789
  • HIST 3534 Modern Military History
  • HIST 3544 World War II
  • HIST 3614 Imperial Russia
  • HIST 3634 Mau Mau: Colonialism and Rebellion
  • HIST 3654 The Arab-Israeli Dispute
  • HIST 3664 Revolutionary China
  • HIST 3914 Critical Readings and Analysis in History
  • HIST 4914 History Research Seminar



Beyond the Classroom

The Virginia Center for Civil War Studies

The Center is developing new digital initiatives, such as Civil War Sources and Mapping the Fourth. It remains dedicated to bringing the best in Civil War history to as wide an audience as possible.


Undergraduate Research

Students in Dr. Amy Nelson's Soviet History course used databases and open web sources to create and curate digital portfolios on topics of their choosing, such as the Space Race and Eastern Orthodoxy.


Contact Us
If you have questions about pursuing a war and society minor, please contact:

Heath Furrow
431 Major Williams Hall