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American Indian Studies Minor

What is a Minor in American Indian Studies?

The American Indian Studies Minor gathers an understanding and examines the history, culture, politics, and issues of indigenous peoples in North America.


What You'll Study

We embrace a holistic, collaborative approach to American Indian Studies in which university faculty and students develop and maintain meaningful partnerships. Accordingly, we have a tribal advisory board consisting of elders and leaders from all eight of Virginia's Indian Nations. Our program aims to educate students and the community on American Indian cultures and issues in a sensitive way through these partnerships.

American Indian Studies minors gather an understanding of the processes that divergent cultural groups use to build alliances that address common problems including climate change, economic development, food security, and community health.  Such inquiries are at the forefront of modern indigenous studies because capacity development in a global age depends on inter-community cooperation.

American Indian Studies minors often pursue careers in education, social work, and law. Many find these credentials very useful in their careers.

18 hrs
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