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CommLab Coach

Undergraduate coaches carry the primary responsibility for assisting the CommLab clients. By working as a CommLab coach, you get to practice your interpersonal communication skills and presentational skills, while living out Ut Prosim and building your resume! We welcome applicants from any major! If you are interested in applying, please email Zack Sowder.


What do Coaches do?

Coaches offer their own expertise to other students who need help with their presentations. They might be involved in any of the following:

  • Help students create and/or revise speeches
  • Assist with group speeches and presentation rehearsal
  • Videotape speeches
  • Review a videotaped speech that a student brings in


Lab Duties

Coaches are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Maintain lab and equipment
  • Exhibit professional behavior
  • Ensure confidentiality of client interactions
  • Complete various client-related paperwork for lab records
  • Create a friendly and respectful atmosphere with clients and fellow coaches
  • Communicate routinely with the Director
  • Provide updates about lab happenings
  • Responsible for additional mini-projects to help improve lab services and/or promote awareness of CommLab around campus


Coaching Compensation Options

Field Study

Coaches can work to earn one-three field study credits (pass-fail) by working their set number of hours each week in the CommLab. (Course credit is awarded by the number of hours worked per week. For every 1 hour of credit, the student is required to work 2 hours per week. For example, 3 Field Study credit hours require 6 hours of lab work per week.)

Students may choose to distribute these hours over two semesters, working only half the number of hours required each semester.

To enroll, you must add the field study in the same way you would add any other course. The Director will provide you with form within the first week of the semester.

**Field study credit is awarded the semester following your work in the lab.

Paid Positions

Coaches who work beyond their Field Study hours can seek a paid position in the lab, as funds are available. These student employees are responsible for completing Federal and State employment paperwork and are responsible for updating their time sheets. Students get paid bi-weekly.

How to Apply

We welcome applicants from any major! If you are interested in applying, please email CommLab Associate Director, Zack Sowder for an application.