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   CommLab uses Google Calendar to book appointments. For Fall 2020, we will be providing in-person appointments in Newman 2034. Please follow the below directions to make an appointment or email CommLab at if you have any questions or difficulties.

  1. Go to your Google homepage.
  2. Use your VT PID and password to login to Google Calendar.
  3. Click on "VT CommLab" public calendar.
  4. From here you can view all available appointment times. Please pick a time 24 hours in advance. To schedule an appointment, click on the time you want and fill in the appropriate information. Please use the Comments box to 1) state whether it is a group or individual appointment and 2) to explain the nature of the appointment. You can also remove yourself from the schedule should a conflict arise.
  5. You will then receive an email with a link for the meeting on Zoom. Please click the link at the appropriate meeting time and a CommLab coach will be there to assist you.


If you have difficulties with the site or have questions about your appointment or the procedure, please call us at 540-231-9280 or email us at!