Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Required Human Development Courses

You'll complete major original research projects in HD 3014: Research Methods in Human Development or HD 4714: Senior Capstone Seminar. These research projects can lead to conference presentations and publications.

Independent Study and Undergraduate Research

You can register for our independent study or undergraduate research courses, which provide opportunities to complete a research project with the guidance of a faculty mentor. Ask your academic advisor for more information.

Collaborations with Faculty

Department faculty are always interested in talking to students about their research. If you're curious about a professor's area of specialization, ask about pursuing a collaborative project.

Honors Thesis

In the University Honors Program, you will complete a thesis to fulfill requirements for the “in Honors” or “Honors Baccalaureate” degrees. It is an excellent opportunity to develop and demonstrate your knowledge and to prepare for graduate study or careers requiring advanced research skills.

Finding Funding

ACC Research Scholars

Each year the ACC Undergraduate Research Scholars Award Committee offers funding to support the research of highly qualified students.

For more information about how Virginia Tech will award this support, contact:

Rachel Holloway
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
104 Buruss Hall (0717)
800 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Undergraduate Research Institute

The college offers grants to fund research and presentations in the fall and spring each year. Funding opportunities are available to undergraduate students who are majoring, minoring, or  working with faculty mentors in the college. You can receive a grant to conduct research as well as to traveling to present or perform their work.  The following are Undergraduate Research Institute Grants:





University Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers research opportunities, connects students and faculty, awards research and travel grants, and sponsors an annual student conference.

Presenting Your Research

Human Development Creative Scholarship

At this conference, you can present research posters, papers, and projects. 

ACC Meeting of the Minds

Each spring, the ACC puts on a conference that highlights undergraduate research. Presenters are chosen by each participating university.

Undergraduate Research Institute Human Development

This interdisciplinary conference hosts students representing universities, both nationally and internationally. They present their research and creative works in oral, poster, performance, and visual arts presentations.

Virginia Social Science Association

Each spring, the Virginia Social Science Association hosts a meeting that features presentations from students and faculty.

Publishing Your Research


Each year, the College of Liberal and Human Sciences publishes a student-run undergraduate journal, which often includes submissions from students in the human development major.