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CRaDIE has signed a number of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with international universities and organizations. An MOU describes a general understanding of how the two institutions could work together in pursuing joint projects but is not legally binding. MOUs are important as the institutions seek funding from government agencies and private foundations. Once a grant is awarded, the collaborating institutions write and sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), which defines the work and responsibilities of the partnering institutions in a more legal way. The current MOUs initiated by CRaDIE are with the following institutions:

  • Mzuzu University (Malawi)
  • Domasi College of Education (Malawi)
  • Malawi Institute of Education
  • University of South Africa
  • University of Pretoria (South Africa)        
  • University of Cape Coast (Ghana)
  • Kenyatta University (Kenya)
  • International University of Kyrgyzstan
  • Legacy International (a non-governmental organization—NGO)
  • Zambia, Ministry of Science, Technology, and Vocational Training
  • New Partnership for African Development – NEPAD
  • Silla University (Busan, Korea)
  • Zurich University of Teacher Education (Switzerland)