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About the Center

The Center for Research and Development in International Education (CRaDIE) provides a focus for the School of Education’s efforts in international and cross-cultural research as well as outreach activities to clients in K-12, higher education, government settings, and non-governmental organizations at home and abroad. The Center coordinates faculty research and scholarship in the international dimension of the School. The Center also supports and expands the collaborative research efforts by faculty and graduate students with other universities and institutions of higher learning throughout the United States and in other countries.

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CRaDIE’s specific goals and objectives are:

Goal 1: The Center will seek funded research for international activities.

Specific Objectives for Goal 1:

To support and encourage exchanges of scholars (professors, lecturers, researchers, and curriculum developers).

To provide opportunities for collaborative research with faculty members from partner institutions.

To explore ways to promote equal partnerships with educational institution from around the world.

To provide opportunities for graduate research abroad to enrich cross-cultural understanding and dialogue.

To support student exchanges with collaborating partner institutions

To support joint presentations with partnering institutions at international conferences.

Goal 2: The Center will promote an understanding for and appreciation of cultures and traditions that provide a foundation for cooperation and engagement with people from around the world.

Specific Objectives for Goal 2:

To encourage learning opportunities that transcend international boundaries.

To encourage cross-cultural understanding that recognizes the dignity of humans.

To encourage alternative perspectives on approaching global problems.

To provide outreach to K-12 education and higher education, fulfilling the land-grant mission to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

To encourage the development of courses on comparative education to be open to all students across the University.