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The Virginia Tech International Refugee Research Project was launched in 2016 as a result of conversations among several international partners interested in joining their research capacity and informing policy about the realities of the refugee condition. The project was launched under the direction of Georgeta Pourchot, who is now associate director of the Center for European Union, Transatlantic, and Trans-European Space Studies. Scholars, students, and alumni from Virginia Tech, Bundeswehr University in Munich, and the University of Kent in Brussels agreed to undertake this research in an interdisciplinary fashion.

In 2018, the research project published its first policy brief, International Refugee Research: Evidence for Smart Policy.”

Spearheaded by the Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs, the International Refugee Research Project is now hosted in the Center for Refugee, Migrant, and Displacement Studies.

As part of the International Refugee Research Project, the Center for Refugee, Migrant, and Displacement Studies collaborates with a range of partners across the world. These partners include:

Akademie fur Politische Bildung, Tutsing, Germany

Al-Huseein Bin Talal University, Ma’an, Jordan

Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

University Alliance for Refugees and At-Risk Migrants

University of Bundeswehr, Munich, Germany

University of Kent, Brussels, Belgium

Witten/Herdecke University, Witten, Germany