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In Place Podcast

Populations are displaced and forcibly resettled daily by civil unrest, eminent domain, gentrification, climate change, and the broader infrastructures of power. “In Place” is a community-focused podcast that provides conversations with people affected by displacement in Virginia.

Developed by a team of undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia Tech, alongside faculty in the  Center for Refugee, Migrant, and Displacement Studies, “In Place” also links local stories to global issues of displacement and resettlement. Each episode explores a different theme related to displacement, migration, and/or resettlement through interviews with subject-matter experts.

“In Place” seeks to have meaningful conversations about the nature of displacement in a world where more and more people — and nonhuman species — are being forced into migration. The podcast explores why migration occurs and the process through which refugees and displaced individuals become members of their new communities.

Those with experience (lived or studied) with displacement and an interest in being interviewed for the podcast should contact the “In Place” team.

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