Welcome to Navy ROTC at Virginia Tech! Whether you need more information about Virginia Tech's Corps of Cadets, want to Spend the Night with a current cadet to experience a taste of Corps life, or need specifics on activating your scholarship, we have all the information you need right here

Navy cadet



Virginia Tech's Corps of Cadets is a 24-hour leadership laboratory that has produced military, public, and corporate leaders since the university was founded in 1872. It is one of just two military corps within a large public university in the U.S. The corps holds its members to the highest standards of loyalty, honor, integrity, and self-discipline. In return, cadets achieve high academic success and a long-lasting camaraderie with fellow members. about. Need more information? Visit the VTCC web page.

Spend the Night

VTCC night

Shadowing a cadet is a great way to learn first-hand what the Corps is really like. Apply to spend the night and you'll get to:

  • Attend classes with your host cadet
  • Eat at our dining halls
  • Have fun at physical training (PT)
  • Take a tour of campus
  • Learn freshman protocol



High School seniors can apply for Naval ROTC scholarships online between June 1 at the end of their junior year & Dec 1st of their senior year.

Naval ROTC scholarships awarded to high school students are not tied to a specific college or university.  Scholarship winners choose any university they’ve been accepted to that has both Naval ROTC and the degree that the scholarship is tied to. But, you can’t be awarded a scholarship if you don’t apply!