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Undertaking original research helps you build the skills to find, analyze, and present historical evidence. Here's how our department can help you conduct, fund, present, and publish your research.

History Research Opportunities

You can register for our independent study or undergraduate research courses, which provide opportunities to complete a research project with the guidance of a faculty mentor. Ask your academic advisor for more information.

Our faculty enjoy sharing their research with students. If you're curious about a professor's area of research, ask about pursuing a collaborative project. Or, invite a professor to mentor you while pursuing your own ideas.  

You'll complete major primary source-driven research projects in Hist 2004: Historical Methods and HIST 4914 History Research Seminar, two of the requirements for a major in history. In both courses, you will undertake your own research projects, which you can prepare for presentation and publication. 

Publising Your Research

The Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review is a journal of undergraduate research published by graduate and undergraduate editors at Virginia Tech. We publish undergraduate authors from across the nation. Have you written a piece of original research on a historical topic for an undergraduate course in the last 12 months? Submit it for publication in the VTUHR!

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Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review


Each year, the College of Liberal and Human Sciences publishes a student-run undergraduate journal, which often includes submissions from history students.


Apply for funds to support your research or related travel. The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences grant applications is now available!

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