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Class Acts

Class Acts

Inspirational Learning

A cardinal rule of good writing, as any workshop participant knows, is Show, don’t tell. We’re always describing the power of the liberal arts and human sciences to enrich lives and careers. But here, with this magazine, we have an opportunity to show you—in the individual stories of our graduates, our faculty, and our students—the truth of those words.

In this issue, we have philosophers revolutionizing the way music is made and science is conducted. Fashion designers undertake diplomacy missions. And as for English majors, well, as our brochures say, if you start here you can go anywhere—on stage as a singer, around the world as a poetry performer, and even, if literary legend Nikki Giovanni has her way, into outer space.

“Class Acts” gathers examples of the creative intelligence of our teachers—both those on faculty and those visiting—in offering inspiration to students.