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Science, Technology, and Society Alumni

Ph.D. Alumni by Decade

Brantly, Nataliya
Fox, Alice 2023
Morton, Stephen 2023
Koopman, Kristin 2022
Park, Seohyun 2022
Lo, Kuan-Hung 2022
Shih, Po-Jen (Bono) 2022
Williams, Damien 2022
Tontodonato, Richard 2021
Tsai, Hung-Yin 2021
Earle, Joshua 2021
Patrick, Annie 2021
Reams, Gary 2021
Chung, Seungmi 2020
Ludwig, Ariel 2020
Lotfi, Sarvnas 2020
Kleine, Marie 2020
Fried, Samantha 2019
Shaler, Lisa 2019
Croker, Trevor 2019
Eulau, Melvin 2019
Grunert, Jonathan 2019
Miller, Daniel 2019
deSouza, Charles 2018
Penrod, Joshua M. 2018
Shanks, Justin D. 2018
Phillips, Amanda 2018
Zacharias, Kari 2018
Brinkman, Joshua 2017
Cook, Crystal 2017
Davis, William 2016
Egert, Phillip 2016
Vu, Chrissy 2016
Whiteley, Bryn 2016
Wolfgang, Edward 2016
Clark, Donald 2016
Henderson, Jennifer 2016
Nelson, Greg 2016
Winyard, David 2016
Bozeman, John 2015
Davitt, Marcia 2015
Kaminski, Amy 2015
Mullis, William Sterling 2015
McDonald, James 2014
Olson, Cora M. 2014
Cuccio, Claire 2014
Dufour, Monique 2014
Lee, Jong Min 2013
Cloyd, Tristan 2013
Tucker, John 2013
You, Jin 2013
Qiu, Xiaolan 2012 
Caron, Brandiff 2012 
Kim, Gouk Tae 2012 
Heflin, Ashley S.  2011 
Raina, Sunita  2011
Aktunc, Mahir Emrah 2011
Miller, Jean  2011
Beddoes, Kacey 2011
Davis, Robert (Bob) 2011
Heflin, Ashley S.  2011 
Raina, Sunita  2011
Aktunc, Mahir Emrah 2011
Miller, Jean  2011
Beddoes, Kacey 2011
Davis, Robert (Bob) 2011
Chang, Kuo-Hui  2010 
Morris, Jeffery T.  2010 
Sutton, Karey M.  2010
Tomblin, David C.  2009 
Hunsinger, Jeremy W.  2009
Tucker, Jennifer  2009
Yousefi, Najm A.  2009
Cathcart, Timothy J.  2008 
Miller, Jonson W.  2008
Cloyd, Tristan D.  2007 
Klein, Michael J.  2007
Garnar, Andrew  2007
Seltzer, Michael W.  2007
Shields, William M.  2007
Thompson, Kenneth P.  2007
DeNardis, Laura E.  2006 
Roberts, Jody A.  2006
Sovacool, Benjamin K.  2006
Lehr, Jane L.  2006
Jesiek, Brent K.  2006
Cohen, Benjamin R.  2005 
Suplizio, Jean M.  2005
Hunt, James C.  2005
Staley, Thomas W.  2004
Takeshita, Chikako  2004
Galusky, Wyatt J.  2004
Cagle, Caroline W.  2003 
Koay, Pei P.  2003
Rentetzi, Maria  2003
Russell, Mark C.  2003
Mathur, Piyush  2003
Veak, Tyler J.  2003
Dunlap, Daniel R.  2002
Chamberlin, Annette H.  2002
Njambi, Wairimu N.  2001 
Hagedorn, Susan A.  2001 
Ferro, David L.  2001 
Saridakis, Voula  2001 
Crumpton, Amy  1999 
Jones, Mary E.  1999
Bouzid, Ahmed T.  1998 
Gatlin, Stephen H.  1998
Collier, James H.  1998
Fitzpatrick, Anne C.  1998
Obregon, Diana  1997 
Mannikko, Nancy F.  1997
Rogers, Moira R.  1997
Webb, Charlotte  1997
Rogers, Juan D.  1996 
Lucena, Juan C.  1996 
Balderrama, Rafael J.  1996 
Hauger, James S.  1995 
Serchuk, Adam  1995 
Lin, Chung-Hsi  1994 
Lawless, Teresa C.  1993 
Chen, Xiang  1992 
Heyboer, Maarten  1992 
Parayil, Govindan  1990 
Downes, Stephen M.  1990 

Share Your Expertise

We welcome alumni to speak with students and faculty about their work. We want to encourage them to take action in the world around them. If you wish to volunteer to speak to a class or provide a lecture, please contact our Department Chair, Saul Halfon.

Each of you has tremendous knowledge and experience to share with our students. We're always looking for new opportunities for our students.

If you are willing to sponsor an internship, please send specifics to Carol Sue Slusser who will post the information for our students.

We also are looking for externship sponsors. An externship is a "shadow" program. A student would observe you at work for a few days during a break between semesters. You can sign up through Career Services.

If your organization would be interested in participating in career fairs, please contact our Director of Recruitment and Career Development Monica Kimbrell.

Other ideas? Email Saul Halfon.

Give Back

Our students benefit from gifts and support from alumni and friends who invest in expanding opportunities. These include endowed scholarships, a program excellence endowed fund, and an endowed lecture. Gifts are made in two categories: annual or major. 

Annual gifts of any size demonstrate your recognition of the value of your degree and your desire to see the program thrive. Please designate your annual gifts to the Department of Science, Technology, and Society.

If you wish to make a major gift, please contact Michael Webb, the college’s assistant dean for advancement, at 540-231-8014 or