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Health Promotions

CITSIE has the capability to integrate instructional technology in the development, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion programs in K-12, industry, and higher education.  These efforts involve both research and the delivery of programs in domestic and international settings. Some of the past programmatic and research efforts have involved prescription drug abuse prevention, youth risk behavior surveys (YRBS), Student Assistance Programs (SAPs), and Community Services Boards (CSBs). In addition, CITSIE Fellows are active in training Virginia College of Osetopathic Medicine (VCOM) students, both in development, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion programs and in instructional technology applications in rural and international settings.

CITSIE assists K-12, industry, community, and higher education through the development of online interventions, face-to-face workshops, and video conferencing directed at any health area having a primary prevention component and/or health literacy focus. Topics can include mental health, stress management, alcohol education, substance use, misuse and abuse, infectious disease, chronic disease, HIV/AIDS, and health care/health insurance.

Current and past projects include:

  • CMR: Partnering with the Pharmaceutical Industry Helped the company implement innovative learning strategies and a flexible distance education curriculum to assist healthcare organizations and sales professionals in staying current on critical industry-related advancements.
  • Southwest Virginia Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Conducted an assessment of drug abuse prevention services and their clients to determine the effectiveness of programs offered in schools, social service agencies, and health agencies in Southwestern Virginia.