If you wish to meet with a faculty or staff member in a particular academic department, it is recommended that you contact the department directly to make arrangements to meet. Contact Tom Ewing if you have questions or would like help connecting with your department of interest.

Departmental Contacts

History- Kathleen Jones

Human Development- Cindy Smith

Communication- Beth Waggenspack

M.A. in English- Charlene Eska

MFA in Creative Writing- Erika Meitner

Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Writing- Kelly Pender

Philosophy- Douglas Lind

Sociology- Tish Glosh

Foreign Languages and Literatures- Katie Akers

Religion and Culture- Brian Britt

Science and Technology in Society- Carol Slusser

School of Education- Kathy Nolen

ASPECT- Tamara Sutphin

Political Science- Karen Nicholson

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