Faculty Grants

 The deadline for Fall 2018 grant proposals is October 16, 2018. 

Purpose of Awards

The Office of the Dean offers a variety of funding opportunities intended to aid tenured, tenure-track, and collegiate faculty with research activities and creative work.

  • Niles Research Grants support a range of research expenses, including purchase of equipment, research assistance, research trips, publication subventions, release time from teaching, and summer research salary.

  • Incentive Grants support faculty research that leads to new proposals for external grants, with emphasis on funding release time from teaching, graduate research assistants, and mentoring.

In addition, this fall the College is partnering with the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) to offer a special $25,000 call for the tenured, tenure-track, and collegiate faculty within the College to partner with faculty in other disciplines and use the seed funding as a foundation for the pursuit of the external funding. This call will be published separately as part of the ICAT call that is anticipated to be announced on or around November 26th and will be due at the end of January, 2019. The same call will contain a number of other opportunities that the eligible CLAHS faculty are encouraged to pursue.


Application Procedure for Niles Research and Incentive Grants

All proposals must be submitted using an online form, accessible here or from the College faculty research grants page. The form will request the following information:

1) Applicant information: Name; Department/School; Email; Rank

2) Amount requested and Grant category

3) Abstract (500 characters maximum): A brief description of the project and use of funds.

4) Proposal (4000 characters maximum): This narrative must address the following elements:

a)   The significance of the proposed research or other scholarly activity

b)   The rationale (justification) for the research or other scholarly activity

c)   How the research or scholarly activity will benefit the applicant’s research program

d) A description of the research contributions of graduate assistants, if relevant

e) Anticipated outcomes and follow-on activities.

f)   Any other pertinent information for the review committee to consider.

5) Results of previous College research funding, if applicable.

6) Publications, presentations, performances, and other activities, including those most directly related to the activities, methods, and outcomes described in this proposal. (3000 characters maximum)

7) Itemized budget for all expenses requested in this proposal.

Approval by Chair/Head or Director

Upon submission of the form, the abstract will be sent to the applicant’s department chair/head or school director for approval. This approval must be received within three days of the proposal deadline in order for the application be considered.



Only College tenure-track, tenured, and collegiate faculty may apply for these research funds. Faculty may submit more than one proposal in each cycle, if they are seeking funds across multiple categories.

Selection Criteria for all Research Grants

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

►   The significance of the proposed activity.

►   The contribution proposed activity makes to the applicant’s field and area of scholarship.

►   The conception, organization, and clarity of the proposal.

►   The significance of the requested funding for the applicant’s research or other scholarly activity.

►   The explanation and justification of budgeted expenditures.

►   The feasibility for successful completion of the proposed activity.

Additional Criteria for Incentive Grants

►   How the requested funds will advance efforts to secure external funding.

►   Evidence of efforts to secure external funding for research projects.

Award Administration and Budget Management

Awards will be administered by the home department of the successful applicant.  The department is responsible for compliance with state spending guidelines, university policies and procedures, appropriate documentation, and budget adjustments.

Reports of Outcomes

Successful applicants are required to submit a report of 500 words to the Associate Dean for Research, Tom Ewing, etewing@vt.edu. Reports will be due by September 15, 2019.


Please direct questions about proposals and guidelines to Ivica Ico Bukvic: ico@vt.edu.