Faculty Grants

The Office of the Dean offers a variety of funding opportunities intended to aid tenured, tenure-track, and collegiate faculty with research activities and creative work. Dean's Faculty Fellowships and Niles Research Grants support a range of research expenses, including purchase of equipment, research assistance, research trips, publication costs, release time from teaching, and summer research salary ($5,000 maximum for Niles Grants; $10,000 maximum for Dean's Faculty Fellowships). Incentive Grants support faculty research that leads to new proposals for external grants, with particular emphasis on funding release time from teaching, graduate research assistants, and mentoring ($7,000 maximum). College faculty members are encouraged to apply for any funds that will aid their research or other scholarly work. Faculty members are permitted to submit proposals for multiple competitions; each proposal should explain the relationship to the other proposals submitted by the same scholar(s). Research grants cannot be used for conference travel. Research grants may be used for performances as appropriate to the creative work of the faculty member. To maximize the distribution of funds, some proposals may be only partially funded. Joint proposals from multiple faculty members are encouraged; award amounts for collaborative projects will be limited to the same amount as individual awards. Funds will be transferred to departments/schools after July 1, 2019, and must be spent by June 30, 2020. Deadline is March 26, 2019. Please direct questions to Tom Ewing (etewing@vt.edu). All proposals must be submitted using the online form linked here and below.