Our college recognizes the academic and professional accomplishments of its faculty and staff. These personal and collaborative achievements illustrate the commitment to education, outreach, and research within the Virginia Tech community.

2015 University Award Winners

Peter Wallenstein
Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching

Peter Wallenstein


Department of History

Kwame Harrison
Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching

Anthony “Kwame” Harrison


Department of Sociology

Carlene Arthur
President's Award for Excellence

Carlene Arthur

Operations Coordinator

Center for Gerontology and the Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment

Trudy Becker
William E. Wine Award

Trudy Harrington Becker

Senior Instructor and Associate Chair

Department of History

Jennifer Sano-Franchini
Xcaliber Award

Jennifer Sano-Franchini

Assistant Professor

Department of English

Marlene Preston
Xcaliber Award

Marlene Preston

Department of Communications

Brandi Quesenberry
Xcaliber Award

Brandi Quesenberry

Department of Communications

Heather Gumbert
Diggs Teaching Scholars Award

Heather Gumbert – History 

Katrina Powell
Diggs Teaching Scholars Award

Katrina Powell - English 

Amy Nelson
Diggs Teaching Scholars Award

Amy Nelson - History

College Awards - CLAHS Faculty Winners 2014 - 2015

Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarships
Fred D’Aguiar - English
Bernice Hausman - English
Paul Sorrentino - English
Vinodh Venkatesh – Foreign Languages and Literatures
Roger Ekirch – History
Betty Fine – Religion and Culture
Dwight Bigler – School of Performing Art


Excellence in Administration Award
Anisa Zvonkovic – Human Development

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award
Peter Graham – English
Mark Barrow – History


Excellence in Graduate Student Advising
Katherine Allen – Human Development

Land Grant Scholar's Award
Anita M Puckett – Religion and Culture

Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising
Jan Francis  Department of History
Brenda Husser - Department of Sociology


Excellence in Graduate Academic Advising
Karen Hult - Political Science


Certificate of Teaching Excellence
Jennifer Lawrence – English
Gena Chandler-Smith – English
Sarah Sierra – Foreign Languages and Literatures
Peter Wallenstein – History
David Cline – History
Rachel Scott – Religion and Culture


Excellence in International Initiatives Award
Nyusya Milman-Miller - Foreign Languages and Literatures
Helen Schneider - History

Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Jennifer Henderson – Doctoral – Science and Technology in Science
Thomas Seabrook – Masters – History