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Wornie Reed:

Racial Profiling: Causes & Consequences, Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hint Publishing Co, 2011 (withe Ronnie A. Dunn).

Handbook of African American Health: Social and Behavior Interventions. New York, NY: Springer, 2011 (with Anthony J. Lemelle, and Sandra Taylor, Eds.).

Articles and Chapters

Wornie Reed:

"Social Justice in the Age of Obama."  In D. Cunnigen and M. Bruce (eds.), Series in RAce and Ethnic Relation, Vol. 16 - Race in the Age of Obama.  Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited (2011).

"'No More Excuses'. Problematic Responses to Barack Obama's Election." Journal of African American Studies, 2009: 13 (2): 97-109. (with Bertin Louis)

"Framing the Discussion of Racism," InZ. Williams, et al. (eds.) Africana Cultures and Policy Studies. New Your: Palgrave (2009).

"The Black Golf Caddy: A Victim of Labor Market Discrimination," Challenge (2009), Vol. 14 (1): 61-71.

W. Carson Byrd:

Rojas, Fabio and W. Carson Byrd. "Intellectual Change in Black Studies: Evidence from a Cohort Analysis." Journal of African American Studies (Forthcoming).

"Conflating Apples and oranges: Understanding Modern Forms of Racism." Sociology Compass 5: 1005-1017

Research Reports:

Byrd, W. Carson. 2011. Virginia Educational Equality Index 2010. Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech Center for Race and Social Policy Research.

Research Briefs:

Reed, Wornie L. 2011. Juneteenth: Commemorating, Remembering, and Moving Forward. Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech Center for Race and Social Policy Research.

Occasional Papers:

Byrd, W. Carson, Wornie Reed, and Ellington T. Graves. 2011. "Class-Based Policies are Not a Remedy for Racial Inequality." The Chronicle of Higher Education, Diversity in Academe, September 25, B36-37