The Laboratory for the Study of Youth Inequality and Justice research group is dedicated to exploring the correlates, disparities, consequences, interventions, and policies for underserved and underrepresented youth. The research group addresses questions related to several broad categories within the study of youth inequality, violence, vulnerability, and marginalization:

Foundational issues include the dynamics of youth socialization, education, and environment, as well as the role of social processes and institutional resources in the reproduction and transformation of inequality, violence, vulnerability, and marginalization;

Enduring challenges include concentrated poverty and concentrated affluence; discrimination; urban, suburban, and rural processes, such as economic redevelopment and gentrification; and trends in immigration and other demographic population shifts; and

Contemporary challenges include evolving family structures; educational resources and standardization; the school-to-prison pipeline; stop-and-frisk justice practices; the spatial clustering of multiple social problems; and shifting definitions of citizenship.

Together with research collaborators and community partners, this team seeks to generate rigorous scientific research on the study of youth inequality, violence, vulnerability, and marginalization.

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