Meet Our Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates

Brian Britt Professor
111 Lane Hall 540-231-5118
Nicholas Copeland Assistant Professor 524 McBryde Hall
James Dubinsky Associate Professor 413 Shanks Hall
Mike Ellerbrock
218 Hutcheson Hall
Edward Fox
2160G Torgersen Hall
Matthew Gabriele
Associate Professor
1319 East Amb Johnston Hall
Paul Heilker Associate Professor 406 Shanks Hall
James D. Ivory Research Director 111 Shanks Hall
Marian Mollin Associate Professor 419 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8367
Anthony A. Peguero Associate Professor 506 McBryde Hall 540-231-2549
Katrina M. Powell Professor 340C Shanks Hall
Brett L. Shadle Professor 428 Major Williams Hall 540-231-8362
Donald J. Shoemaker Professor 512 McBryde Hall 540-231-6046
Max Stephenson
Deborah Tatar
Associate Professor
Sophie Wenzel
Assistant Director
Laura Zanotti
Associate Professor 509 Major Williams Hall 540-231-2750
Kristian Lum
Corporate Affiliate
Thomas N. Ratliff
Director of Criminology
Arkansas State University

Affiliated Graduate Students

Brian Gresham
Primary advisor – James Hawdon
Ph.D. Student - Sociology.
Mr. Gresham is a doctoral student specializing in organizations and global political economy. His current research focuses on the institutional mechanisms that facilitate U.S. spending on its nonconventional weapons arsenal.

Lori Hall
Primary advisor – James Hawdon
Ph.D. Student - Criminology/Sociology.
Lori Hall is the Graduate Student President of the Crime and Deviance Club as well as Students for Non-Violence (SNV). 

Lindsay Kahle
Primary advisor - Anthony Peguero
Ph.D. Student - Sociology
Ms. Kahle is a 2nd year Ph.D. Student, specializing in areas of crime/deviance and women and gender studies. Her master's work involved investigating the effects of bullying and cyber bullying victimizations on adolescent cigarette and alcohol use. Current and future dissertation work focuses more directly on the health and well being of LGBTQ students affected by bullying. She recently co-authored an article that was accepted for publication: Peguero, Anthony A., Edwardo L. Portillos, Jun Sung Hong, Juan Carlos González, Lindsay L. Kahle*, and Zahra Shekarkhar*. Forthcoming. “Victimization, Urbanicity, and the Relevance of Context: School Routines, Race and Ethnicity, and Adolescent Violence.” Journal of Criminology, Special Issue on School Bullying and Victimization.

Christian Matheis
Primary advisor – Dr. Brian Britt
Ph.D. Student – Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought
Primary Field: Ethical Thought
Secondary Field: Political Thought
Mr. Matheis is a doctoral student at Virginia Tech studying ethics and political philosophy in the Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical and Cultural Thought (ASPECT).  He holds a B.S. in Psychology and an M.A. in Applied Ethics with minors in Ethnic Studies and Sociology, both from Oregon State University.  His professional history includes work as a community organizer, human relations facilitator, university faculty, and consultant.  Among his research interests, he includes ethics, political philosophy, epistemology, feminist philosophies, and philosophies of race.  In his dissertation research he argues for an understanding of different conceptions of solidarity as “relational,” primarily a matter of what happens to people when they relate to one another, and in doing so he critiques modern and contemporary attempts to foster and sustain solidarity through theories of identity, recognition, and intersectionality.

Kristin Richardson
Primary advisor – James Hawdon
Ph.D. Student - Sociology
Ms. Richardson's graduate work focuses on deviant and criminal behavior, with a basis in social psychology,. Her research interests center around the exploration of social influences on mass violence.

Sara Stallings
Primary advisor – Sarah Ovink
M.S. Student - Sociology
Ms. Stallings is currently working on her thesis, entitled: "Giles High School Graduates at Virginia Tech: Investigating the Relationship between Appalachian Identity and the College Experience." Her main academic interests focus on Appalachian Studies, Criminology, Social Control, Social Structures, and Evaluation Research.

Jose Torres
Primary advisor – James Hawdon
Ph.D. Student - Sociology
Mr. Torres' dissertation topic looks at community policing and no-trespass policies within public housing communities. It involves survey research that gauges public housing residents' perceptions of community police officers, their community, and no-trespass policies. He also utilizes qualitative approaches via interviews with public housing residents, community police officers and public housing officials which allow for a full scale analysis of how public housing communities are being policed. This work  questions measures such as no-trespass policies which target minorities, in areas such as public housing, and prohibits non-residents from being in public housing neighborhoods by banning them or arresting them on site. Thus my work encompasses issues of race, crime, social policy, social justice, and social control. 

Robert Wood
Primary advisor – James Hawdon
Ph.D. Student - Sociology

International Affiliates

University of Turku, Finland
Contacts: Pekka Räsenen, Professor of Economic Sociology:, and Atte Oksanen, Docent of Sociology:

Atte Oksanen has studied the wellbeing of young people in changing cultural and societal situations. His doctoral dissertation in social psychology (2006, University of Tampere, Finland) explored violent and vulnerable identities in contemporary culture. Oksanen’s research interests and projects have centered on the fields of social psychology, sociology and cultural studies. He has published in a variety of areas including youth studies, drugs and alcohol use, mass shootings, and cultural studies. Oksanen is is currently working as senior researcher at the National Research Institute of Legal Policy. He has received docentships at the Universities of Tampere (2008), Turku (2011) and Helsinki (2011). He recently led the Emil Aaltonen funded research project Everyday Life and Insecurity, together with Professor Pekka Räsänen. Currently Oksanen and Räsänen are leading a Kone Foundation Project Hate Communities: An International Comparison.

Pekka Räsänen is a professor of economic sociology in the Department of Social Research at the University of Turku, Finland. He has studied consumer behavior, mass violence and media, and attitudes towards various welfare issues for more than ten years. Räsänen has experience in comparative research methods and in analyzing large-scale quantitative data. He has published widely in international scholarly journals. He recently completed a project analyzing the social responses to mass violence in two Finnish towns that experienced school shootings.  His current research focuses on how new information technology influences modern life, including how online hate groups operate and influence youth.  He has also conducted extensive research on ICT use, new media, and ageing.


Voice for Community Organization (VCO/Rwanda)
Contact: Innocent Masore:
Head Office: Remera/ Gisimenti, Rwanda -- Tel: 0788436774, 0728436774

VCO /Rwanda is a Non-Governmental Organization legally registered to operate in Rwanda since 2008. VCO operates in different districts countrywide and seeks to make positive behavioral and attitudinal changes. Their mission is to end and prevent gender-based oppression and promote peacebuilding through advocacy and transformational development programs. Tolerance and acceptance are taught through community dialogue. Men and women participate equally in these processes; however, VCO especially seeks to engage men and boys to promote positive change in their communities, opposing gender-based violence, as well as teaching HIV prevention, nutrition, and Community Health. VCO also advocates for the rights of two of the most vulnerable populations: children and sex workers. Project activities include educational workshops with men and women, young boys and girls, and local authorities and stakeholders to address some of the biggest societal factors driving gender inequalities and community conflicts through active and non-discriminatory engagement.


The Springhouse Community School  --
Contact: Jenny Finn:  (540) 745-4673
188A EcoVillage Trail NE,  Floyd, VA  240starting point to learn concepts in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and other subjects. With an emphasis on hands-on, real-world learning experiences, this approach increases achievement, helps students develop stronger ties to their community, enhances students' appreciation for the natural world, and creates a heightened commitment to serving as active citizens."