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Housing, Dining, and Facilities

Participants will be provided stipends in the amount of $2,200 to help with the costs of housing, meals, and basic academic expenses. These rates are determined by the National Endowment for the Humanities based for all two-week institutes. Stipends are taxable income. 

Housing for the institute will be available on the Blacksburg campus of Virginia Tech and at Catholic University in Washington DC, where participants can easily ride the Metro rail to the National Mall. Participants have the option of staying in this campus housing, or making their own arrangements.

Week 1: Blacksburg, VA June 18 Arrival-Check out June 25 (7 nights)

Virginia Tech offers Housing and Dining Services at reasonably affordable rates for guests. The Summer 2023 rates have not been announced yet, but as soon as they’re available, we will update this page accordingly. Participants can reasonably expect rates at $100 per day or less.

Week 2: Washington D.C.. Check in June 25-check out June 29 (4 nights)

Catholic University offers affordable housing options that are close to the National Mall with easy access to the Metro Stop on campus. There are a variety of options available, starting at $54 per night, including breakfast.

We will return to Blacksburg, VA on June 29 to conclude the institute. Some guests may select to attend the conclusion virtually or in-person. 

*Optional: Blacksburg, VA check in June 29- Check out Friday June 30 or stay until Sat. morning July 1. (1-2 nights)