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Women's and Gender Studies Minor

The women's and gender studies program presents new ways of thinking about how race, class, and sexuality shape our society and our experiences in it. 

Total Credit Hours: 18

Women's and Gender Studies Requirements (9 Hours)

Electives (9 Hours)


What You'll Study

The curriculum covers women's issues in religion, science, and the developing world, feminist theory, and other topics about the roles of gender in society.

Many students pursue internships with organizations like the Women's Resource Center in nearby Radford, and we encourage students to conduct undergraduate research or design their own independent study courses with faculty.

Employers find that students who minor in women's and gender studies have developed skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and human relations problem-solving.  Students' substantive knowledge of gender and other forms of inequality helps to prepare them for "high-touch" jobs, from community organizing to advocating for women's international human rights, which involve improving the quality of life. The minor also prepares students to pursue advanced degrees in sociology. Students with a women's and gender studies minor go on to graduate study in such disciplines as education, history, political science, sociology, communication, business, and law, as well as interdisciplinary fields such as women's studies.


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