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Alice Underground - Auditions Feb. 2 & 3
A new adaptation based on Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

"Curiouser and curiouser!"

“There’s a room you can see through the glass- that’s just the same as our drawing room, only the things go the other way. The books are something like our books, only the words go the wrong way.”

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

"It's no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then."

The topsy turvy, upside down world that Alice encounters down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass feels oddly familiar in our Covid-19 world: The absurd has become the real. The real now seems absurd. 

Like Alice moving from childhood to adulthood, we too are living through a time of great transition. This production will lean into the moment --our present moment-- and the more personal one Alice confronts through her adventures. We will explore the absurd through the text, performance, and design and production elements. 

This production will not be typical - as we are working in truly atypical times.

Cast: 12+, including Alice, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Duchess, Cheshire Cat, and the Caterpillar.  (Actors may play more than one role!)

Production Modality:  The production will be filmed/edited and then streamed to an online audience. We are calling this modality a “filay” - a filmed play.

All actors and crew will wear face masks and be socially distanced for F2F rehearsals and filming. 

Depending on the situation with Covid- we may need to make changes, in real time, to our production plans: including changing mode and modality. But, our intention is to mount as close to a filmed theatrical play as we can - safely. 

Interested in joining in to create the upside down world of Alice Underground?

DATES: Tuesday, Feb. 2 and Wednesday, Feb. 3; 6-9pm
Callbacks on Thursday, Feb. 4, 6-9pm
F2F, with masks and social distancing
LOCATION:  Theatre 101
Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue. Short, cold readings will be provided at the audition.
Practice your piece with your mask on! You will be auditioning and performing masked for this production. 

Online Audition Sign Up:

A note on time commitment and scheduling: 
For safety and health reasons, we will be limiting the number of collaborators working together in a single space. Rehearsals will be intentionally scheduled to maximize creative work while minimizing F2F time (2-16 hours/week).

Please contact Amanda Nelson, or Rachel Kilgore

Calling all actors, musicians, filmmakers, and audio engineers:

Melodies and Monologues

It is with great excitement that we announce the second semester of “Melodies and Monologues,” a new online performance opportunity that combines music, theatre, and cinema through creative couplings of music scores with excerpts from plays, poems, and stories. You can check out last semester’s production here!

This spring, we will produce another short recorded performance. The theme of the production will be determined by student participation and selections. 

We know that there are many unknowns about this spring semester, so we have designed the production to allow rehearsals/coaching sessions and technical aspects (audio/video recording and editing) to be scheduled to accommodate student schedules and COVID-19 safety protocols.

We invite students interested in learning more about this special project to reach out to the student leadership team. Contact us at to get involved today! NOTE: Please contact the leadership team as soon as you know that you are interested so that we can start planning our production as soon as possible!