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The Virginia Tech School of Education is committed to fostering the highest quality research and scholarly practice in its faculty and students. Our faculty are active researchers and inspire great commitment to rigor, informing theory and practice, and the expansion of understanding of learning, instruction, and leadership in our students at every level. Our graduates consistently achieve as leaders in their fields, as do our faculty. With nearly $25 million in Funded Research, our faculty are widely recognized and awarded support for their ongoing work.

Our Research Centers focus on the design and development of learning experiences locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our Office of Educational Research and Outreach supports faculty and graduate students in their pursuit of funding to support their research and outreach efforts. Our labs provide essential support in the areas of educational technology and educational research and evaluation. The STEM Collaboratory spaces support our Science Education and STEM scholars.

*Virginia Tech's Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation has a searchable system, Funding Institutional, a single-source workflow tool containing data on funders, funding opportunities and awarded grants, drawn from a wide range of governmental and private sources.

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