William J. Glenn

William J. Glenn

William J. Glenn

Associate Professor


7054 Haycock Rd. 
Falls Church, VA 22043


Office: 703-538-8493


Department Membership

School of Education


  • School Desegregation
  • School Finance
  • Student Rights

Professional Activities

  • Editorial Board: Journal of Education Finance
  • Education Law Association
  • California State Bar


  • Ph.D. University of Southern California
  • J.D. University of California, Berkeley
  • B.A. University of California, San Diego

Research Interests

    Selected Publications

    Edited Books

    Jones, J. & Glenn, W. J, (2013). Using professional learning communities to tum around a low-performing high school: A case study. In S. Harris. S. Edmonson, J. M. Garrison, & J. W. Hill (Eds.), Critical Social Justice Issues for School Practitioners (pp. 180 -192). Ypsilanti, MI: NCPEA


    Glenn, W. J. (2015). School segregation in Jefferson County and Seattle: The impact of the Parent Involved ruling and district actions. Cleveland State Law Review63(2), 298-317.

    Glenn, W. J. (2012). School resegregation: A synthesis of the evidence. The Educational Forum, 76(3), 282-298.

    Glenn, W.J. (2011). A quantitative analysis of the increase in public school segregation in Delaware: 1989-2006. Urban Education, 46(4), 719-740. DOI 10.1177/0042085911400321

    Glenn, W. J. (2010, July 20). Regulating student internet communications: A 2010 update. International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation, 5(3). Retrieved from http://cnx.org/content/m34809/latest/