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Admissions Requirements

To apply to the graduate program, students must submit the Virginia Tech Graduate School online application.

Domestic Application
Spring: December 1
Summer: June 1
Fall: July 1
International Application
Spring: September 1
Summer: January 5
Fall: April 1

Admissions Requirements

To enroll in the program students must

  • Have three years of classroom teaching experience. This experience must be obtained by the time the student finishes all of the coursework.
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree and a VA K-12 License. 

What You'll Need

Official Transcripts

Include a scanned copy of your transcripts with your online application, then arrange for an official transcript from undergraduate degree school to be sent to both Graduate Admissions and School of Education after you receive an offer of admission.

Department Graduate Testing Requirements

GRE is not required for Reading Specialist (K-12).

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required for Reading Specialist (K-12).

Writing Sample

high quality writing sample of 250-500 words detailing career goals and how the program will help the applicant meet these goals.

Letter of Interest and Curriculum Vitae

A letter of interest (3-5 pages) is required by the School of Education along with your latest Curriculum Vitae.

Please address the following questions in the letter of interest:

  • Why do you want to undertake graduate work?
  • Why do you qualify to pursue a graduate degree at Virginia Tech?
  • What do you expect to derive from your program of study?
  • If you have a concentration or area of interest in mind, briefly outline your interests in this area.
  • What do you expect to contribute as a student and subsequently as a member of the profession?

Financial Matters

How much is tuition?

Tuition varies based on in-state or out-of-state status and whether or not you are a teacher. Graduate tuitions and fees are listed at

For Virginia School Personnel, please scroll down to the bottom of page.

For questions regarding tuition and fees, please contact the Bursar's Office at

Completed forms for the K-12 Employee Reduced Tuition should be mailed or faxed to Graduate School at the following address:

Graduate School

Graduate Life Center

Virginia Tech (0325)

Blacksburg, VA 24061

Fax: 540-231-2039

Graduate Assistantships on Blacksburg Campus Only

A question on the application for graduate admission asks whether you want to be considered for a teaching assistantship. Check yes. Please note that Indicating that you wish to be considered for an assistantship does not mean that you will be offered one, only that you wish to be considered for one, if available.

What about financial aid?

There is a discount for in-state K-12 teachers; use this application form in order to receive the reduced costs. Otherwise, as with on-campus students, we refer you to the VT Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for information on financial assistance.

Learn more about other available funding opportunities

Application Fees

Degree-seeking students must include a $75 fee with their application, though check to see if you qualify for a waiver or reduced fee.

Submission Deadlines

Domestic Application
Spring: December 1
Summer: June 1
Fall: July 1
International Application
Spring: September 1
Summer: January 5
Fall: April 1

Additional Notes

  • You will be notified by the Graduate School about the action taken on your application for admission.

  • To apply to the Virginia Tech Reading Specialist (K-12) program, select "Education, Curriculum and Instructions " as your major. You will be able to select "Reading Specialist" later in the online form. Choose degree option “M.A.Ed.” or “Ed.S.” from the list.

Please contact Dr. Heidi Anne Mesmer before applying or for more information.

Dr. Heidi Anne Mesmer
Program Leader
318 War Memorial Hall (0313)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-8343

The official transcripts showing degree conferral should be sent directly from your institution(s) to Graduate Admissions and School of Education:
Virginia Tech Graduate Admissions
120 Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown
Mail Code 0325p 155 Otey Street NW
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Office of Academic Programs
School of Education
402 Wallace Hall (0565)
295 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061