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Investigation of theory and research into pedagogy in teaching composition in K-12 settings. Considering of the reasons K-12 students write, the ways they learn to write, and the genres and forms they utilize. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing, admission into a graduate teacher education program or instructor permission

Examination of active reading processes, instructional strategies, and appropriate adolescent literature for teaching both the developmental and the remedial reader in secondary language arts. Admission in a graduate teacher education program or instructor permission required. Pre-requisite: Graduate standing admission into a teacher education program or instructor permission.

Introduces concepts and methods that enhance the teaching of specific academic disciplines (English, history and social sciences, science, mathematics, foreign languages, and music) in combination with a field studies course. I.

Applied study in one or more educational institutions. Research, evaluation, curricular, and instructional projects are examples of appropriate projects of study. The student is graded on the basis of the design of the project and ability to carry it through and report the results.

Study of problems of professional educators in such areas as supervision, instruction, and curriculum development.

Student participation in a planned clinical experience under supervision of a university staff member in an appropriate work center.