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Douglas Cannon

Douglas Cannon, Associate Director, Professor of Practice

Douglas Cannon, Assistant Department Head, Professor of Practice
Douglas Cannon, Associate Director and Professor of Practice

School of Communication
106 Shanks Hall
181 Turner St. NW
Blacksburg, VA 24061
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Douglas Cannon is the associate director and a professor of practice in the School of Communication. 

  • How Faith Groups Practice Public Relations
  • Public Relations
  • PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
  • MA, The Ohio State University
  • BAJ, The Ohio State University
  • Fellow, Public Relations Society of America
  • Accredited in Public Relations plus Military Communication
  • President, Religion Communicators Council, 2008-2010 and 2012-2013
  • United Methodist Church Communication Executive, 1984-2008

Cannon, Douglas, “Course Development Project,” Sponsored by Networked Learning and Distance Strategies, Virginia Tech, $8,694.50. (May 27, 2014 - September 2014).


Cannon, D. F. (Ed.) (2017). Study Guide for the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations (4th edition). New York: Universal Accreditation Board.

Journal Articles

Cannon, D. F., & Mackay, J. B. (2017). Millennials fail to embrace civic duty to keep informed. Newspaper Research Journal, 38(3), 306-315.

Yang, G., & Cannon, D. F. (2017). Proximity prominent news value for online publication. Newspaper Research Journal, 38(2), 259-270.

Cannon, D. F. (2017). Not just doers of the word: An updated look at roles religion communicators playPublic Relations Journal, 11(1). 

Cannon, D. F., & Cannon, L. E. (2016). Headlines vs. history: A case study comparing agenda-setting results to historical interpretations of the 1938 San Antonio pecan shellers strike. Media History, 23, 1-17.

Cannon, D. (2015). Who Do You Say That I Am? A History of How Religion Communicators Have Often Avoided “Public Relations.” Journal of Public Relations Research, 27(3), 280-296.

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Cannon, D. (2011). Not conformed to this world: How U.S. religion communicators describe public relations. Public Relations Journal, 5(3), 27.

Cannon, D. (2011). Understanding relationality: A challenge for religion communicators. Global Media Journal—Canadian Edition, 4(1), 21-41.

Book Chapters

Cannon, D. (2014). All in the family: How should religion communicators understand relationships when conflicts arise? In Isaac Nahon-Serfaty & Rukhsana Ahmed (Eds.), New Media and Communication Across Religions and Cultures. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Cannon, D. (2000). Evaluation. In L. Bushkofsky (Ed.), How Shall They Hear? A Handbook for Religion Communicators (6th ed.). New York: Religion Communicators Council.

Phair, J., Cannon, D. F., Thurlow, A., & Wakefield, R. I. (2018). Program certification and accreditation: Defining standards for undergraduate programs. In K. L. Lewton & E. L. Toth (Eds.), Fast forward: Foundation & future state. Educators & practitioners: The Commission on Public Relations 2017 Report on Undergraduate Education (pp. 117-122). New York, NY: Commission on Public Relations Education.

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