NROTC Scholarship Related Questions

1. How do I apply for a Naval ROTC (NROTC) Scholarship?

You can apply for a NROTC scholarship online at These scholarships are for High School students and the deadline for applications is 31 January of your senior year in high school. Non-Scholarship students who participate in the NROTC program are automatically considered for three- and two-year scholarships. You can also ask your High School's guidance counselor for more information prior to attending Virginia Tech.


2. How do I apply for a Marine Corps ROTC Scholarship?

You can apply for a Marine-Option NROTC scholarship online at If you want to be in the Marine Corps, you need to see the Marine Corps Recruiting Station HQ in your home state. You need to be talking to a Marine Captain or 1stLt for Marine-Option NROTC. There are separate boards for Navy and Marine Corps Scholarships. You can not sign up for both.


3. What does the NROTC Scholarship cover?

The NROTC Scholarship covers the cost of tuition (not room and board) and books (up to $375 per semester). In addition, scholarship Midshipmen will receive a stipend for living expenses. Freshmen receive a $250 tax-free stipend each month, while sophomores get $300, juniors $350 and seniors get $400. Specific information on all scholarship benefits can be found on the Tuition Information Page.


4. Who pays for Midshipmen and Corps of Cadets uniforms?

The NROTC Unit will issue required summer cruise uniforms to all Scholarship Midshipmen. The VTCC will assess a uniform fee to all VTCC Cadets every year. The NROTC Program will provide commutation in lieu of uniforms to Midshipmen who remain in good standing with the NROTC Program. This commutation benefit will cover a portion of the VTCC uniform fee.


5. If I don't have a Navy or Marine Scholarship as an incoming freshman, can I still participate in the Naval ROTC program? Is there any chance of getting a scholarship?

Any student can participate in the NROTC program at Virginia Tech provided they are a member of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets (VTCC) and they meet the minimum requirements outlined here: Non-scholarship (College Program) students may have the opportunity to earn a scholarship through a highly competitive selection process, which focuses on academic grades, physical readiness, military aptitude, and class rank. Marine applicants may have the opportunity to earn scholarships based on grades, participation in the on-campus Marine-Option program, and their physical fitness test (PFT) scores.

The odds of earning a scholarship after you start NROTC change year to year and depend on many factors, including needs of the Navy, funding, past attrition rates, and student performance.


6. How do I enhance my chance of receiving a NROTC scholarship to Virginia Tech?

To increase your chance of receiving a scholarship prior to attending Virginia Tech, make Virginia Tech your first choice school on your NROTC Scholarship application and apply during the summer before your Senior year of High School.  NROTC Scholarships are approved for a specific university.  The scholarship selection committee favors involvement in sports, leadership roles, Eagle Scouts, JROTC participation, interests in math and science, and results from a NROTC Officer Interview.  You can include on your application events and milestones you expect to complete during your senior year of High School. To schedule an Officer Interview, contact your local Naval officer recruiter. 

To increase your chances of earning a scholarship as a College Program student, make a 4.0 GPA your first semester in an Engineering or Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (LREC) major.


7. If I received a scholarship to a different school, how do I get it transferred to Virginia Tech?

If you receive a scholarship to a university and want it changed to different university, inform NSTC Placement ( in an email formatted similar to the examples below:

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

I wish to decline my offer for a scholarship to Virginia Tech NROTC because I have been accepted to USNA. Thank you for your time.

Very Respectfully, 
Firstname Lastname 
Phone Number


Dear Sir or Ma’am,

I have been awarded a scholarship to Virginia Tech but have been declined admission by the school (--OR-- would like to have my scholarship transferred to another school because…). Please consider this a Wait List Request for the following 3 schools:



Acceptance Status

Old Dominion Univ

In State


Univ of Florida

Out of State


Virginia Military Institute

In State

Applied - Awaiting Response

Very Respectfully,
Firstname Lastname 
Phone Number



VTCC Related Questions

1. What is the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and do I have to join?

The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets (VTCC) is a University Military Leadership organization that qualifies Virginia Tech as a Senior Military College. If you wish to join any of the ROTC programs at Virginia Tech, you MUST be a member of the Corps of Cadets and remain in Good Standing with the VTCC to remain in any ROTC program (Officer Candidates, STA 21 and MECEP/ECP students do not have to join the Corps). The Corps of Cadets also offers a Leadership Minor. For more information on the Corps of Cadets and the Leadership Minor, you may visit the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets website that has information about the "Spend a night with the Corps" program, intended to provide prospective students with a look into what it's like to be a Cadet. This program is HIGHLY recommended!


2. I have a Corps of Cadets scholarship, does this mean I'm on scholarship in the Navy/Marine Corps?

No, the Corps of Cadets offers a scholarship called the Emerging Leader Scholarship (ELS). Participation in ROTC is not required to receive an ELS; therefore, the NROTC and NROTC MO (Marine-Option) scholarships are completely separate scholarships.


3. What can I expect as a normal day in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets during my freshman year?

The Corps of Cadets holds morning formation at 7:30 A.M. five days a week, after which you attend your academic classes until they are completed for the day. While a member of the Corps of Cadets, you will wear a uniform to every class and special events. Occasionally, the Corps will attend evening activities such as varsity basketball games, football games, Cadet Leader School speakers, and battalion or company meals. Cadets are required to attend every home football game, for which attendance is free. Every Tuesday, the NROTC program conducts a Professional Leadership Lab (ProLab) from 3:30 P.M. to 4:45 P.M. The Corps holds Corps Lab at the same time on Thursdays. Study hours are from 7:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. Sunday through Thursday.