Welcome to the official website of the VT NROTC Raider Company. Here you can find information on how to obtain a Marine Option Scholarship and gain a better understanding of our organization.

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Welcome to VT's Raider Company.

The purpose of this organization is to develop Marine Corps Option midshipmen for noth Officer Candidate School and The Basic School. Raider Company is not the only path to becoming a Marine Officer, however; those interested in exploring alternative tracks should check the following options:

  • Platoon Leaders Course (PLC), which allows an Officer Candidate to attend two 6-week Officer Candidate School (OCS) increments, both PLC junior and PLC senior increment, each during a separate summer, or opt for a single 10-week OCS increment during one summer, all of which take place before the Candidate graduates college; or  
  • Officer Candidates Course (OCC), a 10-week long session for college graduates that runs year round, upon successful completion of which, the Candidate will receive a commission. 


For more information on alternative pathways, visit the official Marines website.

General James Amos

General James Amos

Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps


"Every Marine understands that in war he will be asked, and expected, to do the impossible. He will do his duty while ignoring physical hardship, personal danger and sacrifice, and the certainty of his reward. He will do this simply because it is expected of a Marine - his Corps and his country expect nothing less. And he will always honor the reputation established by the great Marines who preceded him... Semper Fidelis!"

Colonel John Ripley

"The purpose of Raider Company is to develop Marine Corps Option midshipmen mentally, physically, and morally in order to prepare them for both Officer Candidate School and The Basic School. Additionally, we develop in future Marine Officers the virtues of humility, intelligence, courage, and adaptability so that they are prepared to begin a career of service to the Enlisted Corps and our nation."

Raider Company Mission Statement