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Rachel Kidd

Rachel Kidd

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Rachel Kidd

Degree: BS/MS
Previous Education: Virginia Tech 2020 B.S. in Sociology and B.S. in Criminology

Research Interests: Crime, Deviance, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Juvenile Justice
Courses Taught: GTA for SOC 2004 Social Problems, SOC 2404 Deviant Behavior, SOC 4704 Medical Sociology

Bio: My thesis concentrates on victim profiling in cross-national human trafficking. I analyze individual-level and national-level demographics to conduct a cluster analysis as well as multiple logistic regressions. Routine Activity Theory and VIVA are the theoretical bases of this study. The dataset I utilize demonstrates information on physical, psychological, and economic control as well as sexual and labor exploitation. The goal of this research is to evaluate target suitability and vulnerability involved in the abduction of or recruiting of human trafficking victims.