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Donald J. Shoemaker


Donald J. Shoemaker



512 McBryde Hall 
225 Stanger Street 
Blacksburg, VA 24061


(540) 231-6046


Department Membership



  • Crime and delinquency
  • Juvenile justice
  • Delinquency and youth deviance in the Philippines
  • Juvenile court processing data in Tennessee and Virginia

Professional Activities

  • Member, Freda Adler Distinguished Scholar Award, American Society of Criminology, 2015


  • Ph.D. University of Georgia

Awards and Honors

Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award, Department of Sociology, Virginia Tech, 2000, 2007.

Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Leadership of Service-Learning Students, Service-Learning Center, Virginia Tech, 2001.


Selected Publications


Theories of Delinquency (seventh edition). New York City: Oxford University Press, 2018.

Juvenile Delinquency (third edition). Lanham: Rowman/Littlefield, 2017.

Handbook of Juvenile Justice, with Timothy W. Wolfe (second edition). Santa Barbara: ABC/CLIO, 2016.



Zarco, Ricardo. M. and Donald J. Shoemaker, “Report on Student Organization Conflicts, University of the Philippines, Diliman, 1938–2000.” Philippine Sociological Review, Vol. 60, 2012:19-70.

Gutierrez, Filomin C. and Donald J. Shoemaker, “Self-Reported Delinquency of High School Students in Metro Manila: Gender and Social Class.” Youth & Society. Vol.  40, 2008:55–85.                    

Shoemaker, Donald J. and Danielle McDonald, “An Evaluation of the Drug Court of the Twenty-third Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia: A Response to the War on Drugs.” Criminal Law Bulletin, Vol. 39, Number 5, 2003: 569-583.

Wolfe, Timothy W. and Donald  J. Shoemaker, “Actor, Situation, and Context: A Framework for Theory Integration.” American Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol. 24, 1999: 117-138.

Sponsored Research

Co-P.I.,   "III: Small: Integrated Digital Event Archiving and Library (IDEAL)." Funded by the National Science Foundation, $500,000, September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2016.

Current Projects

  • Constructing digital libraries for collecting and analyzing information on human tragedies (such as school shootings), natural disasters, and political events
  • Studies of youth organization conflicts and violence in the Philippines and Sri Lanka
  • Cross-cultural studies of delinquency in Philippines, Sri Lanka, and the United States

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