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Religious Studies

Graduate Certificate


Campus:  Virginia Tech Blacksburg Campus, Instructions: Residential/On Campus

Program Overview

Graduate courses for this certificate emphasize questions of method and theory shared by many of these programs. The certificate gives students in these programs a way to formalize their academic interest in religion. Such a credential would enhance their ability to apply for teaching, research, and policy positions that involve the study of religion.


Why choose this program?

  • The graduate certificate in Religious Studies serves students in several master’s and doctoral programs at Virginia Tech, including Material Culture and Public Humanities, Political Science, Philosophy, English, and the Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought (ASPECT).
  • A second population of students served by the certificate are non-degree-seeking students who wish to enhance their understanding of religion for professional or personal reasons. Primary and secondary school teachers, for instance, will find our courses useful in navigating the increasingly diverse religious terrain of their students and colleagues.

What You'll Study

The certificate requires the completion of 9 credit hours of work through the Department of Religion and Culture and other departments at Virginia Tech. No transfer credits are permitted.

Two of the following are required (all are 3H, 3C):

  • RLCL 5114  The Bible and US Public Schools
  • RLCL 5124 (ASPT 5124)  Religion & Modernity in the West
  • RLCL 5134 (ASPT 5134)  Islamic Political Thought
  • RLCL 6024 (ASPT 6024)  Major Figures in Contemp. Religious Thought

 Elective Courses may be chosen from the following:

  • The list above
  • RLCL 6124 (ASPT/PSCI 6124): Pre-Modern Christian and Islamic Political Theory
  • Another 5000-level or 6000-level course subject to approval by the certificate candidate’s advisor. Please be sure to check course listings for special studies in RLCL, as well as ASPECT courses dealing with the subject of religion.

Religion and Culture Faculty