History Internships

The History Department encourages you to pursue opportunities to earn academic credit for your work in a historical setting. Credit is not given on work alone, but for the learning you demonstrate as a result of the experience. Internships can be done in any location that provides an opportunity to teach, guide, shape, and interpret history. The most common internships our students pursue are with historical sites, national parks, local historical societies, libraries, archives, museums, and non-profit organizations, or national, state, or local administrative agencies. The department regularly circulates information on available internships. Students also locate their own internships and work with the director of undergraduate studies in the department to receive academic credit.

“The past four years at Virginia Tech truly allowed me to flourish academically and professionally. My internship in a Senator’s office is just one example of the many professional and research opportunities I received.”

- Michelle Oh 

History Internships Michelle Oh

“Liberal Arts Graduates and Employment: Setting the Record Straight”

History graduates have proven that they are well-trained to be successful in a variety of careers. You can do almost anything with a history major.

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