Education Abroad Opportunities

Types of Education Abroad Programs

There are four types of programs available:

  • Semester exchange programs include VT Exchange and ISEP Exchange
  • VT Faculty Led programs are held by VT faculty at both the Steger Center for International Scholarship (the Steger Center) and the Caribbean Center for Education and Research (CCER)
  • Non-VT programs include many options with third party and direct enroll programs (non-VT organizations and universities)
  • Non-credit bearing programs include opportunities through internships, service learning, and working abroad

Special Programs for COMM Majors

This program is offered annually by faculty in the Department of Communication. Students and faculty travel and study in Switzerland at the Steger Center.

The program includes the following components:

  • A one-credit course during spring semester to help you plan travel and courses
  • Spend two weeks studying at the Steger Center with the option of traveling before, during, and after
  • Complete online courses during the summer

Consortium of Universities for International Studies

Virginia Tech participates in this program for business and communication undergraduate and graduate students. Based in Italy, CIU features a residential campus and faculty from 40 U.S. universities. More information is available at

""My study abroad experience gave me the opportunity to travel with my peers and faculty from Virginia Tech while practicing international communication and magazine writing in Switzerland." 

- Hannah Baumer, '16, Public Relations

Baumer Communication Study Abroad
Academic Credit

Transferring Courses from International Institutions

  • If you are on academic suspension, you may not take courses for transfer.
  • Credit hours transfer; grades do not
  • A limited number of credit hours may be transferred; see your course catalogue for more transfer credit policies
  • Major upper-level courses are more difficult to transfer than lower-level elective courses because there are not exact equivalents; you should plan to take most major courses at Virginia Tech (of the last 45 hours before graduation, only 18 can be transferred).

Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere

If you decide to take courses elsewhere and want to transfer them to Virginia Tech, you should follow these steps:

  1. Complete the study abroad form, meet with your advisor, and obtain the required signatures.
  2. Investigate the courses that you want to take; gather information about academic level, hours, and content. You can usually find this information on the institution’s website.
  3. Submit the completed form to 238 Wallace Hall for Dean's Office approval. Please submit this form prior to studying aborad to ensure that the courses you take will have a Virginia Tech equivalency.
  4. Upon completion of the courses, request an official transcript to be sent to the Virginia Tech Registrar’s Office.