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Julia Beamish

Julia Beamish, Department Head, Professor

Julia Beamish
Julia Beamish, Department Head, Professor

Department of Apparel, Housing, and Research Management
253 Wallace Hall
295 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-8881 |

Julia O. Beamish is a professor of housing in the Department of Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management. She has taught undergraduate courses in the Residential Environments and Design program, including residential space planning and universal design, often focusing on the housing issues of people with disabilities and older adults.

Dr. Beamish has numerous publications and presentations in the fields of housing and residential design, reporting on research projects dealing with housing choices and alternatives, universal design, assisted living, accessory housing, active adult communities, multifamily housing, and kitchens and baths for older adults and people with disabilities. She coauthored the first and second editions of two books for the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA): Kitchen Planning and Bath Planning, and Bathroom Planning. She was part of the research team that conducted studies on kitchen space planning and storage used by NKBA in the development of the new kitchen guidelines.

Dr. Beamish’s research has been funded by the NKBA, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Andrus Foundation, and the Universal Design Education Project.

Dr. Beamish has been the coauthor of two journal articles that received the Best Paper Award in Housing, Equipment, and Design in the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal. She was part of the team that received the Housing Impact Award in 2013 from the Housing Education and Research Association (HERA) for developing and promoting educational programs and research that impacted the design of American kitchens and baths and the professionalism of designers of these spaces. She received awards for excellence from the Collage of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech for administration, research and creative scholarship, graduate advising, and outreach. Dr. Beamish also served as editor of Housing and Society and was president of the HERA.

  • Housing for Older Adults
  • Multifamily Housing
  • Universal Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • PhD, Housing, Virginia Tech
  • MEd, Housing and Interior Design, University of North Carolina – Greensboro
  • BS, Home Economics, East Carolina University
  • Head, Department of Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management, Virginia Tech
  • Graduate Program Director, Department of Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management, Virginia Tech
  • Certified Kitchen Designer Educator
  • Founding Faculty, Center for Real Life Kitchen Design, Virginia Tech
  • Beamish, J. (2018). Top 50 Innovators in Kitchen and Bath Design, Kitchen and Bath Design News, pp. 40-53.
  • Beamish, J. (2016) College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Excellence in Administration Award.
  • Kwon, H.J., & Beamish, J. O. Best 2013 Housing, Equipment, and Interior Design Article Award from the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal for the article “Older Adults in Multifamily Housing: Residential Satisfaction and Intention to Move,” 41 (2), 40-54.
  • Housing Impact Award, Housing Education and Research Association. (2013), with Dr. Kathleen Parrott and Dr. JoAnn Emmel. Award recognizes college faculty and/or others who have made significant contributions that have impacted the study of Housing, 
  • Ahn, M., Goss, R.C. & Beamish, J. O. Best 2008 Housing, Equipment & Design Article Award from the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal for the article “Understanding Older Adults’ Attitudes and Adoption of Residential Technologies,” March 2008, 243-260.


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Book Chapters

Goss, R., Beamish, J. (2018). Influences on Housing Choice. In Anacker, K.B., Carswell, A. & Kirby, S (Ed.), Introduction to Housing, second edition, (pp.21-39). University of Georgia Press.

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  • Beamish, J. O., Goss, R., Hwang, E., Leech, I., & Norton, M. (2013). Globalization of Consumers: A Year of Study. College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Departmental diversity Grants $7,300.
  • Beamish, J.O., Anong, S. & Kincade, D. (2009) Diversity among Consumers: A Year of Study. College of Liberals Arts and Human Sciences Departmental Diversity Grants, $10,000. 
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